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  1. Big Timber

    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    i should just keep my 2015 anyway. nobody wants it since i hit a deer and the airbags were deployed. its been 5 years and 50,000 miles since that's happened. I know it's fine, but no one else can see that.
  2. Big Timber

    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    its a black heritage. dealer in dallas says it was traded in at mazda in tulsa, then they sold to auction, then dealer in dallas bought from auction. just seemed too cut and dried and a lot of time wasted for that to happen. what are the chances it was in an accident and it was traded in so...
  3. Big Timber

    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    anything to be concerned with this back and forth on carfax? Up until May of 2022 there was consistent service at a toyota dealer.
  4. Big Timber

    For Sale Fs: land cruiser 2021 heritage ed silver

    if he really wants to get $150K for it, he might have better luck cleaning it up, having some professional photos taken and put it on Bring a Trailer.
  5. Big Timber

    For Sale Socal 2018 land cruiser gray/terra

    asking 85 and getting it are two different things. the market is going down people. just wait it out. it'll come. high prices and high intertest rates are going to affect these guys.
  6. Big Timber

    Grey LC 200….what color wheels?

    I saw some Blue Methods at a shop yesterday. Killer looking and would be cool on gray, but I have Rock Warriors already so....
  7. Big Timber

    2018 LX 500 - 41/2Years Old...46K miles. Seems like good time for new Battery?

    just changed mine in the '18 LX after 46K miles. it went dead as a doorknob.
  8. Big Timber

    2015 vs 16+

    just saying that I have a 2015 LC and a 2018 LX. I don't hate the 8 speed in the LX (never tried the LC), it's nice and smooth, but I'd rather have the 6 speed in the LC or LX. One thing I didn't like about the 8 speed was manual downshifting going down steep inclines. the 6 speed is much...
  9. Big Timber

    Toyota warranty and repair work at Lexus dealers...

    what the hell is the point of this isolation/separation of the two? It seems like total insanity to me. Tried to buy a battery for my Lexus LX at a Toyota dealership and they wouldn't sell it to me with the warranty. I could buy it, but it wouldn't be warrantied. Has it been this way since...
  10. Big Timber

    warranty on a Toyota part installed on a Lexus

    so i just ran into this problem this morning when trying to buy a battery for my 2018 LX at the toyota dealer that is closer to me than Lexus. sure they'll sell it but they won't warranty it. This is insanity. WTF is the reasoning behind this? every other business in the world warranty's the...
  11. Big Timber

    SOLD Noblesville Indiana: 2013 LC200 - ICON suspension, Dual Battery, Flat white vinyl wrap

    this is the way. Question, with the seat covers, does the cooled air still come out to refresh your bits?
  12. Big Timber

    Water in Passenger Footwell

    can confirm a new cowl fixed my problem. be sure you let the water soaked areas and carpet completely dry before putting it all back together.
  13. Big Timber

    How many miles on brake wear items before needed replacement?

    Coming up on 85K on the 2015 and will probably do it then for the first time. Just had the second set done on the 2018 LX at 40K. Did they change material or something between the two years or the two brands (Toyota vs. Lexus).
  14. Big Timber

    LX570/LC200 Brake Pads.. same same?

    guess we will see in 20,000 miles! :)
  15. Big Timber

    SQOD Squad - Stupid Question Of the Day

    I wanna say that was just 2021. This looks like one of those. Saw one once at a dealer in late 2020.
  16. Big Timber

    AHC confort vs sport

    ahhh interesting, yes, because pre 16 still has the power button don't they?
  17. Big Timber

    LX570/LC200 Brake Pads.. same same?

    Are the Lexus and Toyota pads the same though? I've got a 2015 LC with 85,000 miles and never replaced pads. Our 2018 LX has 40,000 and is needing it's second set of pads on the front. We've had the LX for 20,000 miles and the LC for over 50,000 miles. Wife and I have same driving styles and...
  18. Big Timber

    AHC confort vs sport

    the different modes also change the shift points of the transmission, with sport+ somewhat akin to the ECT/PWR mode of the LC.
  19. Big Timber

    Water leak again, wet passenger floor and now electrical problems - Pictures

    Cowl assembly arrived yesterday. Fits like a glove. Even had the washer fluid hoses attached and ready to go. Went through the car wash last night and all was good.
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