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  1. cnug

    Wanted Need 2F - Located in Chattanooga, Tn

    Great, Just left a voicemail... Feel free to call or text me at 423-463-8479. Chad
  2. cnug

    Wanted Need 2F - Located in Chattanooga, Tn

    Looking for a 2F for my 71' fj55. Had one lined up but it ended up not working out. Located in Chattanooga, Tn. Thanks
  3. cnug

    SOLD Pig projects!

    @Bama4door - Check these out. Right down the road...
  4. cnug

    Wanted Wanted 2f

    Great, pm sent... thanks
  5. cnug

    Parting Out Virginia Fj60 2F Motor PART OUT.

    pm sent...
  6. cnug

    Parting Out Virginia Fj60 2F Motor PART OUT.

    Still have a 2f around and or transfer case?
  7. cnug

    Wanted Wanted 2f

    Needing a 2f for my 71' fj55. Any 2f will probably work but one out of a 85'-87' 60 series is preferred. Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia Area... Thanks!
  8. cnug

    For Sale Wild WY! 1970 FJ55 under dash ashtray with mounting bracket. Nice condition!

    Where does this mount? I have a 71'... Thanks
  9. cnug

    Jim C @ TLC Performance Update

    Ok, good to know. Thanks.
  10. cnug

    Jim C @ TLC Performance Update

    Has anyone heard from Jim C @ TLC Performance in awhile? First I want to make sure he is okay... I sent a carb to him on 10/4. He said it would be ready in 6 weeks, I haven't heard anything and cant get him on the phone or email response. Thanks
  11. cnug

    SOLD Fj55 headrests

    Didn't even know these existed. My 71' front seat has been reupholstered, would it have originally had headrests? I might poke around tomorrow to see if I can feel for the slots...
  12. cnug

    Wanted 55 Brake drums

    I have rims off my 71' pig along with brand new calipers still in the package for front and rear...
  13. cnug

    For Sale SOLD-CO gauge cluster

    Only the tenths on my odometer rolls over, not sure if it is servicable, but if not, this might be good to have...
  14. cnug

    For Sale SOLD-CO F engine manual

    I'll take it
  15. cnug

    For Sale SOLD-CO FJ55 receiver hitch

    I think I want this... I will P.M. you my phone number. Thanks
  16. cnug

    SOLD NC, front turn signals, rear housings

    The front turn signals look the same as my 71. Do you know if they are? My plastic is all cracked up. Is the plastic housing still in tact with the small stud to drop in the body still on these? If so I'll take them. Thanks
  17. cnug

    Cruisers & Coffee Swap Meet 4/11/21 <— RESCHEDULED Sunday 11th

    Sounds great, have some fj55 stuff I could swap/sell. Any chance this might be in Chattanooga sometime in the future?
  18. cnug

    Chattanooga, Tn - Selling a few items for FJ40 & FJ55

    Just saw this local group so I thought I'd throw it out there... Selling a few things... Click on my profile to see my latest activity and postings. Used Original Rims off a 71' fj55 Used Brake Master Cylinder New Front and Rear Brake Cylinders New Sun Visor Covers New Front Speaker Panels
  19. cnug

    Chattanooga Land Cruisers

    Im downtown Chatt. 71 fj55... Looking for a good mechanic
  20. cnug

    Jasper/Winchester area mechanics?

    - Know of a good mechanic for a 71' fj55 in chattanooga?
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