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  1. SLOonTheGo

    Does anyone know what wheels these are ?

    Pretty sure those are SCS F5 wheels in the Dark Matte Bronze. Link below: Stealth Custom Series F5 wheels
  2. SLOonTheGo

    TLCA Rubithon #34 Aug 24 - 28, 2022

    I'll check into getting some time off.
  3. SLOonTheGo

    Parting Out Sacramento Ca 92 fj80.

    Long shot but do you still have the rear axle? If so do you know the gear ratio?
  4. SLOonTheGo

    Which one of these will inflate my tires faster?

    I have the extreme outback magnum with a 2.5 gallon tank in my rig. Fill my 40s from 9psi to 28psi in about 10 minutes. You could easily fill two tires at once if you have multiple hoses or a splitter.
  5. SLOonTheGo

    SOLD Norcal Bay Area: (2) 40x14.5 R17 BFG KM2's

    75 Each or 125 for both Located in SF but work down the Peninsula. I'm in the Sacramento area once a month for work as well and could transport if needed. I have two 40" KM2's that I recently removed from my rig. Date codes are from mid 09 so I would not place these on a driver, but they...
  6. SLOonTheGo

    Starter trail with good camping around SF Bay Area

    Agree with the above mentioned places. Hollister Hills is a good spot to day trip and get acquainted with using the rig off-road. After that there is no shortage of places to go though it is the end of the season for the high sierra areas. Corral Hollow from cabbage patch maintenance station...
  7. SLOonTheGo

    Which one of these will inflate my tires faster?

    Another option is to mount a large tank under the rig somewhere and plumb the arb to that with a pressure switch. Pressurize it just before you finish the day so you have a large supply of 150 to 200 psi air. The cost of that inverter and then the large compressor seem on part with the other air...
  8. SLOonTheGo

    Which one of these will inflate my tires faster?

    If you want to air up really fast get a power tank. A 10 or 20lb bottle will let you do a couple of fills for all 4 tires before it needs to be refilled, will take less space, and doesn't need power.
  9. SLOonTheGo

    Looking for BEST manual hand pump for Fat Tires

    I've been using my Lezyne Floor Drive for around 12 years now. I've never had any issues and it still works like new. Make sure to get the high volume version of whatever you decide on.
  10. SLOonTheGo

    Lets talk tires, I know what I am starting

    I've had decent luck with Facebook marketplace and Craigslist for used tires. I typically look for Wrangler Rubicon take offs which usually end up being between 31s and 33s. Just make sure to check date codes. For new stuff the interco blem list is good, the Goodyear's from walmart seem to be...
  11. SLOonTheGo

    2020 KOH (King of the Hammers)

    Found a ride for myself and the 40. Will be there from Saturday to Saturday.
  12. SLOonTheGo

    2020 KOH (King of the Hammers)

    I'm trying to get everything lined up. Need to find a truck and trailer. Tentatively going down for the whole week.
  13. SLOonTheGo

    Roll Call: 40's in the SF Bay Area

    Hollister hills mud is the worst. That clay sticks to everything and no matter how much you power wash it never really gets clean. I could be convinced to do a snow run if there is a decent sized group.
  14. SLOonTheGo

    Roll Call: 40's in the SF Bay Area

    San Francisco, my cruisers live elsewhere unfortunately.
  15. SLOonTheGo

    2019 FJ-45 Run

    Photos from the trail. Water crossing is somewhat deep, but not terribly so. Video: Roots and rocks between 1st and 2nd crossing General trail conditions, dusty.
  16. SLOonTheGo

    2019 FJ-45 Run

    I'm in as long as I can kick this cold before then. Mosquitos are bad... Super bad, I skipped camping at the meadow because I spent the 5 minutes after I got there swatting at myself. Bring bug spray and wear long sleeves and pants. Have the bug spray ready to go as soon as you stop. The meadow...
  17. SLOonTheGo

    2019 FJ-45 Run

    I'm in. I'm going to run the trail next week, I'll take some photos.
  18. SLOonTheGo

    2019 FJ45 Run

    I'm going to be going through from South to North next week. I'll take some photos and perhaps do a small write up.
  19. SLOonTheGo

    2019 FJ45 Run

    It will be great to see you out there KT! Deer Valley is still one of my favorite trails and this was my first cruiser event, I will definitely be there.
  20. SLOonTheGo

    Recommendations on how to remove a seized differential fill plug

    Two best options I have found are a chisel and a dremel to clean up around the plug and give it something for a socket to grab. Or if you have access to a welder, weld a new nut onto the plug and remove it that way.
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