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    EDIC Replacement Option

    Both going out at the same does not seem likely. But if you want to replace the edic system, I saw a setup once where someone had used a manual cable in place of it. I dont know what the cable was exactly or where she got it, but it was thick and strong. Looked like one of those old choke...
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    Burnt Out Glow Plugs?

    I had similar problems some years ago with my '81 bj40 and 3b. Hard to sense smell over the internet, so am unsure if you have the same thing, but I had a "burning electrical" smell... for what that is worth. Slow and erratic cranking, and glow problems. Turned out the ground wire that ties...
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    3b glow plug issues!

    I have the simple, earlier glow system (all manual) but I am assuming you have the "super glow" or a fixed delay system on that model; stuff which I am not too familiar with. But if I recall correctly, the timer controls both the indicator light and the relay, each fed by different wires coming...
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    Questions regarding crankshaft bearings

    I do have the back-n-forth movement you were asking about but not much. The thrust movement of the crank checks out within specs, at least when using a feeler gauge... I do not have a dial indicator as the FSM mentions should be used though.
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    Questions regarding crankshaft bearings

    Thanks for the input Meyer. Any thoughts on the thrust washers?
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    Questions regarding crankshaft bearings

    No worries about any hijack ... gives the post a bump. The changeover date was august '84. Found that in both the ACL and NDC catalogs when I was researching thrust washer sizes / options in an attempt to find out if the wrong ones were installed in my engine.
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    Questions regarding crankshaft bearings

    Hi all - I bought a rebuilt 3B, started it up, and discovered it had very low oil pressure (approx. 23 psi at almost 3000 rpm once warmed up). Drove it around for only 40km while trying new gauge, oil, filter, etc. Pressure did not improve, so I started digging in... Among other damage...
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    AltFuel Seriously $15.00/ft for Viton???

    I just picked this up at the local NAPA for USD$3something per foot. They even had a data sheet claiming "100% biodiesel compatible" and "submersible".
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    3B Alternator Alternatives

    How "shot" is the original that you are replacing? There is a place in Medford, Oregon (AA Electric) that I have been taking 3b alts and starters to for years now and they have never turned one away for being too far gone. And that includes one that was seized up and another with bearings so...
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    Fuel sedimentor / separator options

    I need to replace the stock unit on my '81 BJ42. I did some searching online for aftermarket replacements and nearly everything I found also came with a filter in the same unit. As I do not wish for the need to deal with or change an additional fuel filter, does anyone out there know of a good...
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    AltFuel Seriously $15.00/ft for Viton???

    Viton is a brand name put out by DuPont. It is simply a flouroelastomer, for which there are other sources out there besides DuPont for hoses, seals, O-rings, and the such. Google "flouroelastomer hose" or something similar and you should find multiple sources, some of which likely selling...
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    Best location for aftermarket fuel filter/water separator

    I did not catch what vehicle you were working on, but someone put a post up a while back of using a Racor 120m in place of the OEM sedimenter on his BJ42. He did it in the same location as the stock one, even using the same mounting bracket. I too am in need of replacing my stock one, so that...
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    For Sale 81bj42 parts

    24v or 12v?
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    New radiator for a 1980 B engine

    FJ radiator will not work (at least the variety of ones I tried). I ended up having my old one rebuilt to a four-core. Most radiator shops should be able to do this for you and although I can not recall the cost, I do remember that it was actually cheaper than the new ones I priced.
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    Wanted WTB: bellhousing for a 2LT with 5-sp

    Cracked mine. Anyone have one to get rid of? Unsure if this is true, but I have also heard that these engines can be dropped in place of a 22r. So perhaps a 22r bellhousing would work -- anyone know more about this? :cheers:
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    Brush guards -- where to get them?

    Hi all- I keep losing my knock-off lights (I guess there is a reason why they are called that!) and would like to get a brush guard for my 40. Most places I have checked either no longer stock them or are out of them. Anyone know of a good source? Thanks in advance.....:cheers:
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    aftermarket radiators?

    Hi all- I did a forum search for aftermarket radiators which did not turn up much info. Does anyone know a good source for such an item for diesel LC's? Hopefully something a bit more higher performance than stock? Cheers!
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    clutch slave

    thanks j!
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    clutch slave

    Hi all- Does anyone know if the clutch slave from a '81 FJ would work on a BJ of the same year? If anyone knows off the top of their head, I'd appreciate it before pulling and comparing, just to find out I'm screwed! Cheers!
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    A word about 4wheelauto

    I've had multiple transactions with them and customer service has been great. The only complaint may be the wait, but much of that might be due to international shipping -- I recall seeing the postmark on a package with a date that was 2.5 weeks prior to delivery. I once ordered a set of...
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