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  1. Brasco20

    Stock Carb

    When i bought my fj40 it had the stock carb and was leaking like a siv, so i had a weber 32/36 installed. The weber caused it to flood while going up steep hills, so i installed a regulator on the fuel line, which helped quite a bit. When i step on the gas quickly the motor bogs for a second...
  2. Brasco20

    More power+power steering??

    I just got done reading some threads about the mini conversion, it looks like something i may be able to do, and i have a few buddies that can turn a wrench who would possibly be willing to help. Looks like grinding the rivets out would be about the worst part.
  3. Brasco20

    More power+power steering??

    3_puppies, im no good at sourcing parts, only because i dont know what i need. If i had a list of everything i needed i could probably track everything down. You have 60 series setups, are they complete, or would i need to source some parts? if so, would you like to part with one, and how...
  4. Brasco20

    More power+power steering??

    Thanks alot for the help guys! Is the minitruck ps cheaper to do than the saginaw,and where can I get a setup?
  5. Brasco20

    More power+power steering??

    is the 3fe motor from a 60 or an 80 series, i might have meant an 80?
  6. Brasco20

    More power+power steering??

    I have a 74 with the 1.5F 4 speed. I thought i wanted to do a 350 with auto trans, but after some research and talking to people ive found that if i add that much power im going to need to start replacing axles and such. I dont need a ton more power, but i would like a little more and an auto...
  7. Brasco20

    roof top tent in cold weather?

    MTKID, what part of MT are you in? Thats probly the best camping pic ive ever seen!!
  8. Brasco20

    Scheduled outings?

    Butte Here!!
  9. Brasco20

    going camping this weekend!

    That blows, sorry man!
  10. Brasco20

    What am I doing wrong...

    sorry for explaining what you already know, i must have been typing at the same time you were.
  11. Brasco20

    What am I doing wrong...

    I was also going to comment on the under cut. Thats at the top where the bead meets the base metal, at the last few inches of your weld, its not flush right there, there wasnt total fusion. I had a ton of issues with this learning to weld a cert plate in the 2g, or horizontal position. If you...
  12. Brasco20

    What am I doing wrong...

    I like to keep my rod in the straight groove and bend my wrist, this helps me keep my arc length pretty constant, you want the rod leaning forward, so you are dragging the rod and the puddle. With 7018 1/8, i like to be right around 110. Also with 7018 you dont need any weaving or whipping...
  13. Brasco20

    What am I doing wrong...

    If you want your beads to look clean, use 7018. If your not too worried about the look, then use 6011. I like 7018 better, looks cleaner, and when you lay down a good bead, the slag comes off in one piece, you dont have to beat on it for 5 min, except for the root pass. I can never get the...
  14. Brasco20

    Evel Knievel days?

    I have been many times, as i live in butte. During the day its pretty fun, but after the sun goes down its just like st pattys day, just a bunch of drunks being drunks.
  15. Brasco20

    Chainsaw Bar Length

    Take it to a dealer, they can answer your question. I know i have a 25 inch bar, but i havent measured from end to end. I get your question, but without throwing a tape on my bar i cant give a good answer.
  16. Brasco20


    I bought a new 8274-50, 1400 bucks. If i were to do it again, i would buy a used one for cheap and rebuild it. Before, i needed one right away, but now, a project of rebuilding one would be fun, saving money and possibly upgrading.
  17. Brasco20

    I hate flux core wire.....

    Flux core and dual shield are for deep penetration. Dual shield produces a much cleaner weld.
  18. Brasco20

    Has anyone used this poo bag?

    This is priceless!
  19. Brasco20

    Suspension lift

    My lift made my cruiser ride much better. When your wheeling, it might make it a bit more top heavy, but you can roll without a lift, hence the roll bar. When i look at a route, if rolling is a possibility, i dont take it. I dont have a full cage, or do serious wheeling, i mostly use mine for...
  20. Brasco20

    Went for a 60 - Bought a 40

    As far as huge front bumpers go, thats the best on ive seen!
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