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  1. lynxbat

    For Sale Early Fj40 60/40 front bench seat + long jump seats

    I’m interested if not sold
  2. lynxbat

    Seat options - Factory 1979-84, CCOT new reclining bucket seats, or other?

    Where did you get the frame/rails? I have the same seats but a PO mounted them on short frame and it doesn't support the CCOT tank I put in. Also the seats are so low the seatbelts only fit super small people. Yours looks higher.
  3. lynxbat

    Hard Top Hoist

    This is awesome. I can see how it all comes together. I even have those exact rubber hooks funny enough. Using them you don't have to wrap the unistruts in something some either. I really appreciate it. I am going to attempt the same.
  4. lynxbat

    Hard Top Hoist

    I have attic space above the garage and I have been eyeing the HB hoists. Do you have a pic or reference for what inspired the design? I just want to make sure I have a good idea of how it needs to operate (how many eye loops, where to run everything) before I try the custom route.
  5. lynxbat

    Hard Top Hoist

    Quick Q. What is the latest direction on a hard top hoist (mounted, high ceiling garage)? After reading all the threads it seems a lot of the favorite options are out of stock or no longer made. I have a Jeep Rubicon (17) and the FJ40(72). Wondering if there is a decent Jeep hoist that works...
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