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    SOLD 1996 HZJ75 - Troopy (CA plates)

    More photos
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    SOLD 1996 HZJ75 - Troopy (CA plates)

    After looking at several troopies, I bought this one from Australia last year. It's a former fire service vehicle. It has been very well maintained and has been in kept in a garage since it has arrived. My search was based on the following: (i) it needed to have lived over 15 miles from the...
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    Looking for a 70-series in Southern California to photograph and measure [WILL PAY]

    Good morning! I just sent you a PM. I'm in San Diego and have a 1996 75 series troopy (hzj75).
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    Doug's Tubs for 7X Sanity

    Me too! Thank you!
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