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  1. twstrchasr

    Hood shakes at highway speeds. Is there a way to adjust hood latch down?

    The driver side of my hood started doing this ever so slightly (but noticeable) after I put on slightly bigger tires (285 Cooper S/T MAXX's). Really bugs the hell out of me because I never noticed it before !!
  2. twstrchasr

    100 series headlight

    Could someone please tell me if this is the correct headlight assembly for my 2001 USA spec 100 series ? Something about the pattern on the glass doesn't look like the one on mine. Thanks in advance.
  3. twstrchasr

    Removed running boards. Not loving it.

    Is yours lifted or is the one on the right maybe in access mode or something ?? No comparison with the rb's removed as far as I am concerned. But I'm funny that way :p
  4. twstrchasr

    Mickey Thompson ATZ P3

    I've actually been leaning towards the S/T Maxx for quite some time. Thanx !!
  5. twstrchasr

    Mickey Thompson ATZ P3

    Thinking about choosing the ATZ P3 for the Hundy. Has anyone had experience with these tires ? Also considering S/T Maxx, M55, Trail Grappler and the Destination M/T. :cheers:
  6. twstrchasr

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Whoa.. Totally liking that old 2 door green Rangie !!!!! :grinpimp:
  7. twstrchasr

    New to MUD with a new 1987 FJ60

    I agree.. Looks great as is !!! :clap::clap::clap:
  8. twstrchasr

    American Spec updated 200 coming to Chicago auto show

    Glad I didnt get an '11 now !! One question concerning the '13. Are the running boards still of the same design as the '08-'11 ones ? Meaning, are they still easily removed, unlike those on the LX570 ?
  9. twstrchasr

    2012 update

    If the moderator wants to delete this thread go right ahead. I didn't see the other thread of the same content. :o
  10. twstrchasr

    2012 update

    Definitely an improvement, in my opinion. :D
  11. twstrchasr

    2012 update

    2012 updated 200 series
  12. twstrchasr

    200 series picture thread

    By far the best looking 200 I have seen.. Very well done !!!! :clap::clap::clap:
  13. twstrchasr

    LC 200 versus Lexus LX 570

    LX has non-removable running boards.. I suppose you could remove them.. It wouldn't look pretty tho !!
  14. twstrchasr

    Infiniti QX 56 vs. LC

    I know what you are taking about. Never actually seen them on a 200.. They help with door "dings" somewhat.
  15. twstrchasr

    Infiniti QX 56 vs. LC

    Definitely help..
  16. twstrchasr

    Infiniti QX 56 vs. LC

    How would you compare the GW to the 200 ? As in size, ride, features, etc ??
  17. twstrchasr

    Infiniti QX 56 vs. LC

    Im 99% sure I am going with the 200.. It's just hard to beat a Cruiser. I really havent warmed to the looks of the 200 all that much. I really think the 100 is better looking. To me the 200 just looks bland. But, other than that, its an excellent vehicle. I was looking at prices of older G...
  18. twstrchasr

    Infiniti QX 56 vs. LC

    Sweet .....
  19. twstrchasr

    Infiniti QX 56 vs. LC

    I dont think the G Wagens suffered from quality control problems during the DC years since the GW's are pretty much hand built at a separate factory. Steyr/Puch in Austria I think..
  20. twstrchasr

    Infiniti QX 56 vs. LC

    Yup... Im looking at a '08 200 w 28K for $54,000 at carmax.. Also looking at an '08 GWagen w 20K for $72,000 and an '08 RR s/c w 49K for $52,000.. Both of those are at a LR dealership... So yes, the LC is holding it's value quite well.... Prolly gonna go with the 200, but the G Wagen is quite...
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