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    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Not Stock and ready for the trails

    cool dog and hot chicks
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    SOLD Seattle : Jan 72' FJ40 - Automatic, V8

    CRZR45 has a good eye spotting the back side windows, I never noticed.
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    For Sale FJ45LV in Flagstaff AZ

    Looks to have serious potential if they keep the price under 7 figures.
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    For Sale 1960 fj25 Kansas $9000

    That is the best logic I think I have ever heard.
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    SOLD Knoxville, TN 1976 FJ40

    very nice job
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    For Sale Atlanta Area, 1964 FJ40 FST

    That is a beautiful rig. I wonder what the rest of the herd looks like if you are willing to part with this.
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    craigslist Not Mine: Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser - $11,000 (Reno)

    Looks like a smoking deal to me. Wish I was closer.
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    Weber VS stock

    The Holley EFI will work with a 1F motor
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    SOLD Looking for a nice driving 70-75 FJ40 in stock form, SoCal

    Nice looking rig.
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    Weber VS stock

    I am looking for opinions on running a weber carb over the stock one on a 1F motor. I have read that they run better and gain more power with an upgraded electronic ignition. Mine stock carb needs rebuilding as this is a hard starting motor when cold.
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    Project PHOENIX-Gene's new LV

    Outstanding. I don't know what I Iike better, this or your 40 series. Only one to say and that is awesome.
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    For Sale 1980 FJ40

    the clutch pedal pad looks to be in good shape
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    For Sale 1980 FJ40

    No low ballers! That's some funny s*** there.
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    For Sale NC: Not Mine, 1966 LV

    It has nice patina. A little buffing and rubbing out would add another $5K
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    For Sale 1975 FJ40 / 1960 FJ25 CUSTOM $47K

    That is just about perfect. Wish I had the money.
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    For Sale 1980 FJ40

    This ad and the comments just made my week. Funny stuff here.
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    For Sale 1965 FJ45LV in SoCal (not mine)

    What is more rare. So cal rain or a fj45lv
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    SOLD 1965 fj40 factory softtop, factory pto, california native!

    I can't believe this is still available
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    SOLD 1986 Toyota 4Runner East TN 22RE 5 Speed Original

    2nd in line. PM if #! doesn't buy, Kelly
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    SOLD WA: 1971 FJ40 Spring Green

    WOW. Beautiful.
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