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    Fixing crack on lower radiator tank?

    Stuff to fix I have never used that brand of stuff, but fixed my sisters rad, with the same issue. It was a 2-part epoxy mix. Had to sand the area real good, also had to have the radiator out. To be cleaned and dry first....Good luck. The stuff I used was like 5-6 bucks at auto parts place.
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    1991 3fe intake hose

    Ditto.......I used White HVAC Duck Tape.....It's fine.
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    80 series Front brake calipers. What tools are folks using?

    uggg Take cap of master cylinder.....Then I used a screw driver to pry the pads open before I take them out.....slide in new pads. Done. When you take cap off wrap a rag around the master cylinder to soak up any brake fluid that runs out when you compress the pistons.
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    Grease gun stuck on the zerk

    Another one. Try another grease gun, check where that one you used was made....."China" may be the problem....:crybaby: Make sure you have some good tools, don't stress too much.....:D
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    Grease gun stuck on the zerk

    Picture? Try to pry off gently? Pictures?:D
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    Paint Job

    Lower it! Might as well lower it.....:D
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    Help! LC jerks/jolts and rpms drop slightly for sec

    Intake Hose... Check your intake hose from air cleaner to manifold.....Mine had a crack and had a bad vacuum leak there....:crybaby: It was slit in the "Ribbed" area.
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    3rd gen 4run or 80, witch is more reliable?

    Do you want a solid Axel? Get the 80. Do you drive a lot? Get the Runner.
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    Is the FZJ80 too old?

    ??? Do you like to do PM's? Do your own work or have lots of cash. Not the best gas MPG!!! It's all Love.
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    Is an 80 series project worth persuing?

    Year.... People are going to want more info.......:cool: But yea go for it.
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    Steering Bind Head Scratcher...?

    Hubs I had a Scout II a few years ago before my FJ80 when the hubs were unlocked the grease was old kinda stiff. They locked fine and all but when unlocking gunk was in the grooves for the locking hubs. They should move freely....not packed with grease. Might just be from sitting so long?
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    What to keep

    ? Inner Axel and 3rd member? Housing....All Somebody might want the Drum stuff? Outer birfs And spindles. Prob. not...:rolleyes:
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    Brake rotors and calipers for 80 LC

    80's board Try the 80's board......
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    Opinions on my wheel options.

    3 R's Remove, Renew, Re-install.....:cool: Clean............
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    Wild Wheeling Pics

    ??? Winching is way different than yanking.....:) This picture looks like he is just helping a little, you would not want to yank a winch cable either....Jeep guy dose not have a good bumper either.:cool: It was a good video to show, what dumb people do.
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    what does "reability" really mean....

    Well.... Well a lot of people get these truck's(Me) that need a little work(Bad Axel seal), or don't know the history. And might be a little cautious to go cross country. Like right now I know I need to do my u-joint's, so I don't go to far(300 mile round trip) They are fine, just on my To-Do...
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    Stainless Steel Snorkel

    ???? Your like "What Snorkel"
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    Stainless Snorkel

    ????? Can't wait to see it........
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    Safe to Pull a 62 Series with My 80?

    Tow Dolly? I towed a Mitsuhubishi Montero behind my 72 Scout for about 100+ miles but used a tow dolly, rear wheels on the shaft disconnected. Corvallis to St. Helens Oregon. I thought the trailer would be to heavy.
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    Newbie needs help

    New York I had a 2002 Ford Escape from New York......Rust bucket on the underside. My 92 has zero rust and its a Oregon Truck.
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