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  1. mabrodis

    Holiday Almond Toffee, good to buy, good to give, not fat free :)

    Howdy years many year ago, I was on this forum daily spent an enormous amount of time chatting and helping think through tough problems with vehicles (and religion and politics chat just for fun)...and then, around the Holiday season I'd make and sell this ridiculously good...
  2. mabrodis

    '96 with sluggish behavior

    After a hacky temporary fix (connecting the two knock sensors together, something commonly done for this issue apparently) and clearing codes then it's much better now. The dramatic ignition timing changes I had seen (dropping from 30 degrees advanced to ~7) were definitely caused by the knock...
  3. mabrodis

    '96 with sluggish behavior

    Howdy, I have a trusty '96 4runner V6 with a bazillion miles (417k) and recently (probably a few years at least, it's my son's vehicle, he doesn't complain much) , it's felt sluggish whenever you push the gas pedal past about 10%. Meaning, it drives fine, even feels moderately peppy in slow...
  4. mabrodis

    SOLD 1985 Toyota Truck, Denver, CO

    Howdy all, selling my old '85 Toyota Truck, it was used as a daily driver several (read: many) years ago, has not been driven much in the last 3 years, showing it's age, needs a new home. Vehicle sold, thanks for looking... -Mark
  5. mabrodis

    Bike racks

    I've had the Kuat NV (with 2 bike extension, so handles 4 bikes) for about 19 months. I usually only have one bike on it, but fairly often have 4, sometimes including my 47 lb it gets used *a lot* (has never been off the vehicle in 19 months). The only issue I've had is the...
  6. mabrodis

    1x11 / drivetrain guys - what tooth FR sprocket you run? Esp w/27.5-29 tires

    You need higher elevation or steeper hills to climb... ;) Do you run an oval chainring now? I ask because the one time my oval chainring has left me a little 'meh' about it was when I try to pedal with a very high cadence. It'll work, chain won't fly off or anything but I think the...
  7. mabrodis

    1x11 / drivetrain guys - what tooth FR sprocket you run? Esp w/27.5-29 tires

    I'm also running a 30t front (AB oval) with a 11-46 rear cassette on my 29er. I've been very happy with this. There are a few places where I wish I had a slightly slower gear, but there comes a point of going too slow and having no momentum to get over things and balance becomes a challenge...
  8. mabrodis

    New to the GX.

    Sounds like my wife. We (actually 'I', she never even saw it before I brought it home) just got a 2005 GX a few months ago (silver, grey interior, 139k miles, in great condition)...I haven't done anything to it, other than drive the crap out of it, 10k miles in 3 months, eeek...My wife loves it...
  9. mabrodis

    MUDShip Denver -> Lincoln, NE -> Denver, next week

    Driving from Denver to Lincoln, NE next week then coming back to Denver over the weekend...don't have a ton of space but would be willing to take something. -Mark
  10. mabrodis

    High mileage issues, anything common?

    I have heard that also...I'm always leary when I hear "sealed" or "lifetime". The transmission on my wife's IS350 is also sealed, initially I thought I could at least tap into the transmission fluid as it is pumped to some cooler somewhere..nope, it's not pumped to a cooler, on that car the...
  11. mabrodis

    High mileage issues, anything common?

    I browsed through a few threads, this being one of them: FJ Cruiser e-locker in GX470? - Toyota 120 Platforms Forum Maybe 'easy' isn't the right word but a Toyota locker (i.e. not an ARB) cleverly added to a GX470, sure some cutting and drilling but didn't look too complicated, wiring would be...
  12. mabrodis

    High mileage issues, anything common?

    Thanks for all the info guys. I expected the timing belt, waterpump, of course any engine accessories (though impressively I've replaced none of these on my 4runner with a ridiculous amount of miles on it) and all that. One of the unknown things for me is the transmission. I'm not a big fan...
  13. mabrodis

    High mileage issues, anything common?

    Hi there, thinking about pulling the trigger and buying a used GX470 but curious about any expected high mileage issues. By high mileage I mean 300-400+k miles. My current 4runner is creeping in on 400k and my wife's last car (Toyota Echo) was just shy of 400k when we ditched it. So I chuckle...
  14. mabrodis

    Fuel rail pressure when starting? Real Time Help please...

    I don't remember anything about the ECT, but the wire that was bad was inside the tank. It was the ~12" long piece that went from the tank connector down to the pump. The plastic connector where it clipped into the pump was partially melted away and the wire had clearly gotten hot and was...
  15. mabrodis

    Deck shade structure that turned into a grid tie solar PV project!!

    In other words he stole most of the parts and doesn't want to say what it would cost any of us... :) Great job Ali! I should wander down and take a closer look one of these weekends... -Mark
  16. mabrodis

    For Sale '97 FZJ80 A/C receiver and tube

    ...Promised... ...Sold...
  17. mabrodis

    For Sale '97 FZJ80 A/C receiver and tube

    Na, I think they should stay together...but even if you only need the canister thing $30 shipped is still a great deal I think..and then you have some random hose to barter with at a swap-meet. :) -Mark
  18. mabrodis

    For Sale '97 FZJ80 A/C receiver and tube

    Cleaning out the garage and found 2 a/c parts I had bought for a '97 LX450 back in 2003. They are Toyota parts, still in the sealed plastic. The receiver (that's what the Toyota sticker says) is the a/c component that is the veritcal popcan looking thing behind the front bumper on the...
  19. mabrodis

    backpacking pot sets

    I have a JetBoil system and have to admit that it's pretty slick. I prefer a smaller/lighter setup though, small titanium stove and small SnowPeak pot). The JetBoil does really good at what it was designed to do...boil water. Also have a Whisperlite Intl which I haven't used in years. I love...
  20. mabrodis

    1986 Toyota Truck & 4Runner FSM

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