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    '93-'95 Dash Cluster Pinout

    Ah mb, knew it was different just didn't know what year it stopped 😀, Tried to find it in the EWD but after searching through the whole thing I couldn't find the pinout. (Could have missed it though)
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    '93-'95 Dash Cluster Pinout

    Hi everyone! I've got a 93 pov pack 80 series and Im just doing some wiring to try to install an overhead roof cluster into the bus. Just wondered if anyone has a pinout diagram for the dash cluster so I could tap into the sub tank fuel level signal. (Or knew another place i could do this)...
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    (HELP) - Gearbox Issues in 1993 HZJ80

    Hi all, I purchased my first 80 (pov spec unfortunately as Aus has bugger all Diesel GXLs for normal prices), about 2 years ago. Upon purchase, the gearbox felt fine, although about a week later, it started playing up. Originally I was unable to downshift into 2nd gear from any gear. Which was...
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    GXL Dash Cluster into Pov

    Hi all, I've got a 1993 standard 80 (pov pack) and was wondering if I could install a later model gxl cluster in as I think they look so much better and so I can see the tachy right there. Is it too much hassle? If not, is there a tutorial in doing this? Cheers.
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    Stuck Sub tank fuel gauge

    Hi all. I've got a '93 DX 80 and Ive crawled through as many other posts that I could find but nothing seemed to help. Essentially my sub tank gauge is stuck on full. Now I know its not full as I just drove 150kms on it. And I know the pump works. Now Im quite new to all of this and I'm not...
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