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  1. iam_turner

    question about value - 1970 FJ40

    Need to start a build thread....maybe once I get the thing all torn down and start on the 1970, but I made some progress today, actually spent about half hour 40 minutes uninterrupted on the 40 tonight. ready for summertime cruising, got the top loose, one seat out, the start of roll-cage...
  2. iam_turner

    2F Rebuild: Next Steps?

    What is your end goal? I havn’t yet looked into his deep enough to know if piston/cams/cranks/valves/seats are all available? First, I would do as mentioned above and see if the assembly is seized - even if it isn’t seized, you’re going to want to tear it all down and have a look to see what...
  3. iam_turner

    Knuckle rebuilding tutorial

    Thank you for this, will likely be looking at it in the near future!
  4. iam_turner

    Knuckle component compatability

    I did look at that, but found a metric sh%$ ton Of water in the axle housing and a lot of leakage, so they need to be resealed anyway.
  5. iam_turner

    Knuckle component compatability

    Have a 1970 FJ40 and a 1976 FJ40 - I am going to transfer the axle shafts over to the 1970 from the 76 to have disc brakes, needing to replace the knuckle seals - wondering what the difference is between the pre 75 knuckle seal kit. I found on Amazon a kit that says 75-90 () Wondering if this...
  6. iam_turner

    Guidance on rust repair

    Sick 40! That looks like it's been kept very well... check this one out Bumps on my 78’s rear tub/fenders? -, believe on one of the sites CCOT, or SOR, there were instructions on bracing - good luck, make a thread, show us...
  7. iam_turner

    Tool List - complete front axle removal 79-85 mini truck

    Thank you very much for this… I am going to have to bring breaker bars and cordless sawsall no power in there. Really appreciate the list. Truck is up on stands. I am going to ask if they can remove for me, but in case they can’t I wanted to have this kind of planned out.
  8. iam_turner

    Tool List - complete front axle removal 79-85 mini truck

    Apologize in advance if this is an annoying question. I’ve been all over google and forms, but cannot find a tool list for removing the front axle of an 79-85 Hilux or Mini Toyota Truck - looking to get some parts for mini truck disc brake conversion for my FJ40 - it’s winter here in Canada and...
  9. iam_turner

    Builds Skreddy’s 70 Non-Resto

    I'd love to drive your 40, amazed that you are going 75 MPH in that thing - we're just too damned far away!. I'm a little scared at 50MPH in mine. I'll be doing the brakes (currently it's 4 wheel drums) and the steering/suspension hasn't been touched since the 90's, so once I tighten that stuff...
  10. iam_turner


    I hear that man. Hard to find the time to work on the 40. Balancing work, kids, wives, and girlfriends is a tough business. These things have really increased in value lately, I’m sure you’ll get a decent price. Consider a couple of things though (which I’m sure you have already). I sold mine...
  11. iam_turner

    1976 Fj40... long "budget "project...

    So therapeutic to watch the progress. It all takes so much work, time, and money. It’s looking great! Excited to hear about your first drive in it. After doing all the work you will love driving it, even if it’s a rough ride. Keep up the wicked work!
  12. iam_turner

    Builds Salt wagon My first fj40 (build)

    Nice cruiser man! It’ll be fun and encouraging watching you build yours out to where you want it.
  13. iam_turner

    74 FJ front doors on a 69 FJ

    Looks great - apologize for the striker scare - I got my years confused.
  14. iam_turner

    74 FJ front doors on a 69 FJ

    Well I feel like an idiot! I don’t have my years down enough to be commenting apparently. Glad it worked out, and it does look good.
  15. iam_turner

    74 FJ front doors on a 69 FJ

    The actual picture is of a 76 striker, the picture from SOR is a striker from a pre 75 door, they are different.
  16. iam_turner

    1970 FJ40 top rubber list?

    Once upon a time I bought most from CCOT, they were decent quality…I’d buy from them again, you could first call the stealership and see what they have, but CCOT’s website is nice, SOR is also a nice site to get breakdowns from. Good luck.
  17. iam_turner

    74 FJ front doors on a 69 FJ

    You will need the different latch style for the doors to catch And close/remain closed properly
  18. iam_turner

    Builds Skreddy’s 70 Non-Resto

    Skreddy, curious how your efficiency worked out after you corrected the vacuum issue with the sniper. How’s it running after driving it for a while, considering going to same direction as you - I like that you can “train” the computer, been reading about fuel injection a lot of kits give you a...
  19. iam_turner

    Best ways to paint an fj40

    I think you actually caught the issue, believe this was just really cheap filler I bought at Canadian tire, or maybe even a local home hardware. Never even thought there was different qualities of filler - Oh, to be young again. Thank you for this.
  20. iam_turner

    Builds Skreddy’s 70 Non-Resto

    Made it to the end, but am definitely looking for more. Been great reading through your projects. I love your careful taste of budget/mind blowing positive change. Wish I had your time, motivation, and ingenuity. Super cool/clean cruiser.
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