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    For Sale [NV]Lots of 40 parts

    Interested in the f engine intake manifold shipped to 80903.
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    Cleaning out the warehouse!!!

    T-handles Looking for the T shaped handles on early bench seats (my rig is a 1969 FJ40). How about a 4-speed transmission?
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    motor cart ideas

    2X on that gorgeous shop!
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    Which tools to remove cone washers??

    It took me a while to figure this out (I'm slow sometimes) - everyone says to hit it with a hammer, I was hitting straight down on the end on the stud, but what you want to do is to hit perpendicular to the stud, which moves the stud side-to-side, and they pop right out. I have a big brass drift...
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    crossmember for 4 speed?

    I like the flange idea. I think I'll give it a try!
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    just another average '70 40 build

    great thread - it is getting me inspired to get mine going. I've been collecting parts for a while now.
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    Show off your Blue FJ40

    1969 Blue FJ40 My 1969 Blue FJ40
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    Rust Bullet or Rust converter product (like crc)

    Magnetman - if it were me, I'd go 1,5,6 on your list. Rust bullet want's bare metal or rust, not on top of primer. Check out rust bullet's website (Rust Inhibitor Paint | Stop Rust | Rust Corrosion Inhibitor | Rust Converter).
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    FJ40 Fuel tank hose

    My fuel line on my '69 looks completely different, it is a clear (was clear) plastic looking hose. So I'm guessing mine isn't stock? I'll try to get a picture of it, but it is under the seat...
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    How to check if a F engine is good

    The oil around the manifold is probably from a leaking valve cover gasket - F engines are known for leaky valve covers (read Mark's FAQ section on his website (the poster above me - he's a LC guru - take his advise - it's GOLD) - - I learned alot from this -...
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    Rust Bullet or Rust converter product (like crc)

    I've used rust bullet, and compared the prep involved vs. POR-15 (rust bullet has way less prep), and I've used Eastwoods rust encapsulaor (they also have a rust coverter product, used before the encapsulator - check out www for their rust solutions). The Eastwood was the easiest...
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    How to check if a F engine is good

    Also on the compression test, warm up the engine first. If you get a low reading on a cylinder, squirt in some oil and retest. If the number go up, it's rings. If the numbers stay the same, it's a valve(s).
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    69'-73' FJ40 LED Tail lights

    Got the money order, I'll drop it in the mail Monday. Thanks - Bruce
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    69'-73' FJ40 LED Tail lights

    I'll take 'em. PM sent.
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    A Guide To Installing Hard Top Windows

    I pretty sure I bought my WS from $OR (I'm in parts gathering mode), I'll have to check and see what I bought. I think I bought everything but the windshield one. No doubt this post will help. I didn't even know those tools (except for the hook) existed, so it's a big help right there. I...
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    A Guide To Installing Hard Top Windows

    Sweet writeup!!! I am going to be doing this, and from what I had pictured in my mind, I was way wrong!!! You just saved me hours of frustration!!! Kudos to Potato Launcher for making the drive! Man, I love this site...
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    FJ40 door hinge bushings - brass

    Paypal sent for 1 set.
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    Parting Out 1983 FJ60 in Cody Wyoming - 60

    My bad - I sent you an email to your paypal address - didn't think of sending a message on mud. Thanks for the quick reply and the great price on the parts! I'll be sure to leave positive feedback on iTtrader once I get the parts. Thanks again.
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    Parting Out 1983 FJ60 in Cody Wyoming - 60

    Paypal'd sent for the shift/xfer bracket and boots. Could you let me know when they are on the way?
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    3 on the Tree to 3 on the floor

    I might be able to help you out. I did this conversion not too long ago. I'll have to take it back apart a bit to make a template. If you can wait a couple of weeks, I'll see what I can do. I need to bend my shift lever a bit since it hits my bench seat, so while I'm at it, I'll take some...
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