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  1. Roostre

    80 on tracks

    Probably better off buying a dedicated tracked vehicle if you really need it.
  2. Roostre

    40th AE logo coordinates

    Let's see if this works: From top of the trim: Trying to hold the tape and photograph in a cold a** wind is more challenging than I anticipated!
  3. Roostre

    Modifications that may lower the value of an 80 series.

    I've been in the 4x4 game long enough to know that mods are not going to have any payback. I really am asking where the line is for actually dropping resale value. Loads of great responses so far.
  4. Roostre

    Any problems with Fluid Film?

    I've had good luck with it. We do our vehicles each fall. My wife doesn't like the way crud sticks to it when it leaks out of the door seams, but it wipes right off. Seems to last right up until you purposely wash it off with hot soapy water.
  5. Roostre

    Modifications that may lower the value of an 80 series.

    THIS has definitely been something I have considered. Especially because I don't want to mess up a 40th and an older 80 would allow for modifications (county emissions laws are looser on '95 and older) and I'd have a bit less regret if I bang it up on the rocks.
  6. Roostre

    Modifications that may lower the value of an 80 series.

    As far as I know it does.
  7. Roostre

    Modifications that may lower the value of an 80 series.

    Here are a few from last year. I've had the ARB front bumper repainted since these were taken and removed the hoopty sliders. Well used and well loved. 260K miles. Rebuilt front axle with all new Toyota bearings and seals. Fresh birfs from low mile 80 flipped. The seats were swapped by...
  8. Roostre

    Modifications that may lower the value of an 80 series.

    I'd like some input from the collective mind of 80 series owners here. I'm not currently looking to sell my 40th ann '97, but I do have some questions about how to proceed with making it "better". Are there certain modifications that you feel lower the value of an 80 series?? What are they and...
  9. Roostre

    Blue Sea 7610 alternative?

    Redarc does have higher amperage options (25 or 40), it will charge Lithium, and it has a built in Solar MPPT controller. I just bit the bullet on a BCDC40. Made in Australia and not where everything else is made. Support has been great answering my questions so far. They have a wiring...
  10. Roostre

    Supercharged 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 40th Anniversary Edition

    o_O It went for $25,250. I'm stunned.
  11. Roostre

    80 Series Sliders Suggestions

    Anyone have experience with the WNOR control arm drop bracket? I have an OME lift setup, but it was installed by PO... not sure on the height. It will clear 315s with slight rub at full tuck. If the drop bracket will bring back some caster it might be just what my LC needs.
  12. Roostre

    to DIY or not to DIY, that is the question

    My '97 sits out on the "Nice concrete driveway" right now with zero leaks.. All DIY and all following threads on this forum. I used all OEM parts/seals as I went. When I first bought it about 7 years ago it was nicknamed the S.S. Valdez by all the POs co-workers; you could clearly see where he...
  13. Roostre

    Down the "just paint it" Rabbit Hole - Hatch Repair First Though

    My rear hatch has worse and I've been wondering the same things. It's hard to find a guy that won't just bondo it up and send it. I did find a good U-toob video about it: There are 2 parts. Its a little long, but I skipped tedious sections and ran it on fast fwd. Lots of info there.
  14. Roostre

    Never let the Collie drive...

    Probably saw a squirrel... or a frisbee... or ...
  15. Roostre

    New Badland Apex 12,000 lb. Winch

    The measurements are the same (according to my manual). Need to check for myself now. I more wondering about issues with lubrication and venting condensation?? I'm going to try it and see how it works out. Going to pull ARB bumper off and take it for a fresh powder coat before I install the...
  16. Roostre

    New Badland Apex 12,000 lb. Winch

    So I caved into temptation and picked one up today. With the 25% off and my credit card app 10% off I was out the door for $404.99 plus tax. My wife's jeep has an 8274 on it so we will be able to make some direct comparisons. I will say that I love the speed of the 8274 and how effortlessly it...
  17. Roostre

    One-off stainless brake lines? (Not full kit)

    Try the local industrial hose place. I've had one made there before. It turned out very nice. If they won't make brake lines for liability reasons... tell them its a hydraulic clutch line.
  18. Roostre

    96 Land Cruiser 325,000 Miles - Worth fixing?

    A local classifieds ad- the truck was totaled and being parted out. It had about 137k miles on it- I swapped the birfs side-to-side and they are in very good shape.
  19. Roostre

    96 Land Cruiser 325,000 Miles - Worth fixing?

    I recently did my 270k front end with all new OEM parts and a set of used low mileage stock birfs myself - including all new bearings, clips, rotors and pads for about $750 total. I will admit getting lucky finding the birfs. The qoute I got was about $2500 and that was too high for me!
  20. Roostre

    Big Thank You To Mosley Motors!

    Do you have a link?
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