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  1. Erwin

    Okay, Best Rear Bumper? Pics?

    Yes it is. Here is a writeup:
  2. Erwin

    The Proper Way of Windshield Chrome Trim Install?

    Here is a writeup on inserting windows. Includes inserting the lock strip.
  3. Erwin

    Gearbox oil foam

    Googling a bit more generally, omitting Land Cruiser, reveals that this is not an unknown problem. See: OilFoaming Possible causes: - Wrong filling quantity - Inadequate geometry of the oil reservoir / gear box - Gear oil mixed with oil of an other brand - Gear oil contaminated by bearing...
  4. Erwin

    Gearbox oil foam

    I was checking my gearbox oil and found the thing full of foam. First I thought I had a water leak from the engine, but that is not possible I would think. No connections with the water in the block, and if, the foam should be bluish as the coolant I guess. The car is newly restored and have...
  5. Erwin

    Install hard top windows

    I am about to install hard top windows in my 76 model using the old weatherstrips. According to the factory manual you shall use an adhesive between body and WS, and a sealer around the glass. Any idea what adhesive and sealer this is? I have some non-hardening bitumen based stuff I used on...
  6. Erwin

    40 Roof Resto Writeup

    When I started fixing up my 40 roof I did not find much info on this, so I made a little writeup. Since I have a blog I have put the text here:
  7. Erwin

    Black smoke from B engine

    I have a 1976 BJ40 (B engine) that has been rebuilt over the last 10 years. Now it is running again, but with a few problems. When I push the accelerator hard it puffs out some really black smoke. I cannot say it did that 10 years ago, but I'm not sure. I did not touch the engine as such as it...
  8. Erwin

    Can this roof be saved?

    I have this 40 roof with a lot of small cracks. I was hoping it only was the outer paint that was cracked, but after trying to grind it they dont seem to disappear. I have not grinded trough the top coat into the glass fiber yet. My plan was to coat it with epoxy primer and then a top coat of...
  9. Erwin

    What to paint frame with after sandblasting

    If not on budget: If you sandblast the best is 2K Epoxy primer. Period. It is the most dense of all primers. No primer is completely dense, but epoxy is by far the best. To rust, oxygen is needed from the air, so you have to shut the air out. On top of that some 2K polyurethane. Not that...
  10. Erwin

    DIY Intercom unit for overlanding and off-road

    Thank you George. Yes, bluetooth would have been fine to avoid headset cable.
  11. Erwin

    DIY Intercom unit for overlanding and off-road

    There is a lot of noise in a Land Cruiser. And when driving on bad roads or off-road, it is very noisy. When you also hear a little bad like I do, it becomes a problem to talk to the sidekick, or hear what is being said over the radio. This gave birth to the idea of an intercom system. It...
  12. Erwin

    Overland build 78 (and 80)

    Yes, agreed. But I do not carry all that on all trips. Depends on where you are going. And the list is maybe a bit unclear. E.g. oil pump is a small pump for filling diffs. Handy if you are crossing water and have to change diff oil. Happened to me on Iceland. And no, I dont bring birfs. That...
  13. Erwin

    Overland build 78 (and 80)

    That's 15 mm steel tubes. If you click on the link above there is more info.
  14. Erwin

    Overland build 78 (and 80)

    I got this 2001 78 2 years ago. The car had a pop-up roof and some old trashed interior. I tore this out and rebuilt all of it. I have a blog where you can read about the building, water, diesel heater etc. Also some 80 build stuff in there, and a summary of my 10 year of overlanding experience...
  15. Erwin

    Welding and sheet metal work

    I have made a few writeups and my blog from things I have learned when frame-off restoring a 40. The writeup is a guide to some common problems you encounter when welding and do steel work on cars. The focus is on the use of basic tools, expensive tools like English wheel is not covered...
  16. Erwin

    Painting and rust protection writeup

    I have nearly finished my 8 year 40 frame-off resto. When starting I had only rattle-can painted, but after reading on the net, and get my youtube exam, I started shooting. Results are OK. Since I have a blog on overlanding and technical stuff I made a writeup there. It is pretty long.. How to...
  17. Erwin

    BJ40 with fuel problem

    @Jollopy41 Yes, it is a 10 micron Racor 120 series filter. Had to make bracket for it.
  18. Erwin

    Poll: 40 or 42 hardtop

    I have ambulance doors. Same doors on the 42. But, since the 40 came with split windows from 77 I guess it is not a big issue. I thought it was first introduced with the 42, but a quick google search proves that is wrong.
  19. Erwin

    Poll: 40 or 42 hardtop

    I have this 1976 BJ40 which I have restored, frame off. Now it is time for the hardtop. I have two hardtops. One from the original car, and one from a 42. The 42 top is in somewhat better condition with less rust. When it comes to look I think the 42 top with split window is looking better. The...
  20. Erwin

    How big is too big? Tire size for (heavy) 1HZ Camper.

    I got me a 2001 78 2 years ago with 33" (285/75r16) BFG MUD. It has a 1HZ with turbo (fitted by PO) and IC (fitted by me). I did not like the handling, and especially not the MUD thread. Breaking on wet tarmac was especially frightening. So this year I went down to 32" ( 265/75/r16 ) AT. The...
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