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  1. Trusty Rusty

    For Sale CO / 2021 / LC200-HE

    Interesting...I didn't see reserve mentioned. My mistake!
  2. Trusty Rusty

    37's with stock gears?

    You guys are all doing this wrong tackling the gearing! I plan to make my truck SO slow, that the LS-swap becomes inevitable. :rofl:
  3. Trusty Rusty

    For Sale CO / 2021 / LC200-HE

    Just some context...a 2020 HE with 8k miles with some light goodies just sold on BaT for $82k (plus the normal buyer's fees). Alas, the days of 6-figure 200's have come to an end. The sky high price might still fly in the Aspen market, though - GLWS!
  4. Trusty Rusty

    For Sale Long Beach, California. SLEE (modified) "ShortBus" high clearance bumper. 80 Series Landcruiser

    Solid deal! You just give it a good ole pass with the cutoff wheel or have it built that way? Running a ShortBus and they're awesome bumpers...always wondered what they look like with some mods. GLWS!
  5. Trusty Rusty

    SOLD San Diego California :: UPDATED THE PRICE :: 2006 Lexus LX470 LX 470

    How long have you owned?
  6. Trusty Rusty

    SOLD 80 series charcoal canister with bracket excellent condition

    Any idea on approximate miles on the unit?
  7. Trusty Rusty

    37's with stock gears?

    This makes me feel better about 37's and not having gears ready to go just yet. 😁
  8. Trusty Rusty

    For Sale Fort Polk, LA / CENLA LC 200 Series Gamiviti Expo Essential Roof Rack

    Awesome rack....tempting! I'm in Houston. Is this standard Expo or the Expo++?
  9. Trusty Rusty

    Calling all Switch Pros Users!!!!

    Anyone running a trick mounting location for the controller inside of the cab? I've got a '94 and probably can't use some of the slick Wits' End solutions (useless cubby/ashtray). Just thinking through solutions for controller location on the dash. Good thread - thanks folks!
  10. Trusty Rusty

    Wanted 80 Series Kaymar Rear Bumper

    Hit up the Long Range America boys - they had a new Kaymar dual swing rear in stock late this past fall. If they don't still have it, they can provide info on lead times for one. 👍🏻
  11. Trusty Rusty

    Rear bumper design/build

    Yep, bought a 4x4Labs kit. Problem solved.
  12. Trusty Rusty

    For Sale Genuine Toyota 91-97 Series Window Runs Set

    Still stock these @ranma21 ?! They're on my starting to get slowwwwwww.
  13. Trusty Rusty

    For Sale Jonesboro Arkansas, clean title supercharged 100 series landcrusier

    Another FS post with no asking price... 😢
  14. Trusty Rusty

    Sloshing Water Sound When Stopping and Starting

    I found them yesterday after some fighting around the sliders....if those aren't on the truck, they're clear as can be. Will try to get a couple of pics and post them for reference. It's a slight opening in the pinch weld front and rear on the rocker panels each side - easily missed if they're...
  15. Trusty Rusty

    Sloshing Water Sound When Stopping and Starting

    Funny...just digging into this myself. There's a few threads referencing the plugged holes on the bottom of the rockers, but there are also a couple of small slit drains along the pinch weld. Sounds simple, but I'm still hunting for them (and a bit obstructed by the WKOR sliders). No good pics...
  16. Trusty Rusty

    For Sale AZ: 80 series - Extended brakes hoses

    Good deal!
  17. Trusty Rusty

    Silver GA 2006 Land Cruiser 152K miles pristine and rust free

    Any pics of the interior showing condition?
  18. Trusty Rusty

    For Sale SoCal - 1994 FZJ80 (Low Miles/CA Car - Full Restoration)

    She's a beauty - detailed FS ad with info, pictures, AND asking price - well done! GLWS!
  19. Trusty Rusty

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Scabbed together a Labs rear bumper over the last ~6 weeks. 🤠
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