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  1. GasRN

    LC100 to 5th Gen 4Runner

    I've driven a 100 series for abut 20 years. Picked up a 4R Limited today. Still feeling it out, but I like some of the modern tech. Most of the tech on it (lane departure, precollision, etc) I'll prob leave of for daily driving. The 4R V6 does not have the growl my 100 series had when you...
  2. GasRN

    100 series Windshield Molding questions

    Is the 100 series windshield molding functional or cosmetic? Windshield replaced, but molding on both sides needs replaced. After reading various threads on "how to replace" here and other web sources, is it needed? No doubt, it looks better with the molding, but can I just fill in the...
  3. GasRN

    Are you using your 100 ?

    Mines relegated to a winter vehicle, with the '09 LS460 pulling duty March-Nov
  4. GasRN

    Should I not buy a 100 just cause it's an LX470?

    I was an '03 LC 100 guy for 11 yrs til a deerstrike killed mine. I now have and '04 LX470. What I have noticed in the first year of driving: Parts/labor are somewhat more expensive, but not by that much. Lexus service and loaners put the Toyota dealer to shame. A few more bells/whistles than...
  5. GasRN

    VGRS light, no driver control of other windows

    VGRS light on, no driver door panel control of other 3 windows, and no lock/unlock by driver armrest button. AHC will not go up. No issue of water in from windshield that I can see. Had dealer replacement 3 weeks ago from a leaky PO windshield. However, ton of heavy rain last 2 days and this...
  6. GasRN

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    yeah, but in 95% of my life, they're handy for little person entry. However.....if they were to be destroyed on a trail, then I guess maybe it's time to find a replacement.
  7. GasRN

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Spent some time at Windrock today. We stick to the bunny trails since stock and solo. Despite a new map, the trail deteriorated from easy to difficult in rapid fashion. After finding a point of being able to turn around without falling off a cliff, we made it back with some minor damage.
  8. GasRN

    Water leaking passengers side console when raining

    Just did a windshield replacement on a 2004 LX470 I bought. Rust started in the upper windshield trim near A pillar and led to similar water dispersal. Check the fabric of the A pillar on that door, and the headliner near the sunvisor on that side.
  9. GasRN

    Why did you buy your Hundy?

    I looked at various SUVs for a couple of years before deciding upon the Land Cruiser. What attracted me to it originally was the fact that it is used all over the world in places where maintenance and repairs are not always available. So reliability is a must. The Land Rovers that were also used...
  10. GasRN

    Questions before I buy this LX 470 with some rust [long]. I have lurked for a while here.

    Contact Pentagon Federal Credit Union. They do alot of older auto financing.
  11. GasRN

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    I'm a 1-2 banana guy at most.... Switched out interior lights to LEDS Swapped out for new headlight bulbs Removed the center console armrest cupholders and velcro taped in a holster rig. Added some organization in the empty space next to CD changer.
  12. GasRN

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Slid the AMEX into the chip reader to pay the Stealership for: 150k maintenance Timing belt/h2o pump A/C drain line fix New winshield Misc trim seals And new tires at tire place.
  13. GasRN

    Builds jsig's lx470 build

    You're making me miss SoCal even more. Love the mountain pics. That toy truck looks legit.
  14. GasRN

    470 brakepedal causing clicking gear shifter

    The "new to me" 2004 470 has an odd behavior that I'm hoping someone has encountered before. When I tap the brakes (not enough to slow down the vehicle, just enough to engage the brake lights), I can feel a dull click in the gear shifter. It just had a clean bill of health from the dealer...
  15. GasRN

    Back in the game

    A year ago, My 03 LC was killed by a deer in a murder/suicide in upstate NY. Might have broken my sled Today, I purchased an 04 LX470. Minimal frame rust, well maintained. Totally Stock. This will be my winter DD, and no plans to lift it, but will be hardening it somewhat (esp against...
  16. GasRN

    Might have broken my sled

    The damage estimate was approx $14k, which is what my carrier paid me for the vehicle. I'm going to take a break from the LC life for a bit and drive a nimble German import. I figure in a few years, I'll be back.
  17. GasRN

    Might have broken my sled

    As a follow up, the vehicle sustained damage similar to Flintknapper's description. It's a total loss. If anyone is in the Rochester, NY area and is interested in the salvage, PM me.
  18. GasRN

    Might have broken my sled

    Deerstrike at 60mph in NY while on a rosdtrip. 2 deer jumped onto the interstate and I managed to miss the first. The 2nd one took a ribcage impact over driver's headlight. Insurance appraisal Tuesday, and hope its repairable. 2003 with 220k miles.
  19. GasRN

    Tire suggestions for my 2002 LX470

    I've used Toyo Open Country on my 03LC. Last set gave me 90K miles. Good on road and wet/slush and light offroading.
  20. GasRN

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Corolla Beach, OBX for a remote picnic.
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