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    Wanted 1981 compatible 40 series transmission tunnel cover

    Good to know! I think I need to get further along on the project before committing to it, but I'll check back when I'm ready. Thank for the info, didn't really know what to expect as far as pricing and availability goes.
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    Wanted 1981 compatible 40 series transmission tunnel cover

    I'm looking for the stock H42 cover, depends on the price as I need to modify it a bit for an H55 swap, so I might just make one from scratch if it comes down to it
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    Wanted 1981 compatible 40 series transmission tunnel cover

    Unfortunately I don't have the right transmission top plate to take advantage of that
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    Fan Blade & Clutch Tech for BJ7x with 3B/13BT (A440F & H55F Models)

    I see FAN58030 on cruiser outfitters but not cruiserteq. Is it no longer available? Also I really appreciate this guide you made.
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    Wanted 1981 compatible 40 series transmission tunnel cover

    Edit: I need to think about this more before buying located in Utah I see they changed after 82 so if you can confirm what vehicle it came off of that'd be great
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    Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Parts Program Discussion

    Yeah I looked up the part number and it's for the JDM ones
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    TP Auto Parts Store to Open -- Complete Sets of FJ40/FJ45 (79 - 83) Body Parts and Assemblies

    I think most of us are willing to pay a bit more for thicker metal, just saying :) glad to see this stuff becoming available
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    Builds 2018 GCC Spec 79 Series 1HD-FTE + H152 - The Camel

    Where you rolled the edges that were trimmed by the shocks, what kind of tool do you use for that? Great stuff!
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    Builds The "Red Rocket" Troopy

    All the tuner car bois are lusting after the 2JZ and here I am eyeing the 4BD1T. It's gonna be worth it!
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    Favorite air chuck?

    Dill makes some great USA made ones
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    Best Way to Treat this Rust

    Yeah wire brush the bubbled paint to expose it all. Then I would recommend rust dissolving gel. If the interior is empty it'd be faster and easier (but messier) to use the gun from a blasting cabinet.
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    BaT Australia: 1983 BJ46 This is basically my dream rig so I wanted to share
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    any B series with turbo's out there ? not 3b.

    I'm running 5 PSI on my 2B, haven't touched fueling. It made an improvement that I could notice, just barely. A big hill that I used to slowly lose speed on, I can now slowly gain speed. I'm not getting the best return on investment by not turning up the boost/fuel, but any improvement is...
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    The Perfect Land Cruiser: The FJ Company's Reimagined And Modernized Take of A Classic SUV

    If one wants a cool looking vehicle with modern performance, it seems like buying a new Wrangler or Bronco is the way to go. Not unique enough? Good thing you'll have 200k left to customize it! If I did have unlimited money, I'd want one of these but with cable lockers, a mechanical diesel...
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    Small rust spots and clear coat

    I would try some rust dissolving gel on it, like naval jelly or evaporust makes some as well
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    Warn M12k vs ComeUp 15k?

    Does comeup sell replacement parts? A good winch is rebuilt instead of thrown out after many years of hard use
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    For Sale Two 3B’s, parting out or for sale as whole

    It's a small thing but I'm looking for a crank pulley bolt
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    Builds The "Red Rocket" Troopy

    I would feel bad pulling apart a truck just for the engine, but it looks like that ones chassis is at end of life anyways, so very nice! From what I've read, you may just have one of the best diesels of this size ever made. I'm excited to see where/how this goes!
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    Builds The "Red Rocket" Troopy

    Ah, I was thinking it was the last Saturday of each month. Thanks for the correction!
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