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    Corbeau Seat with FJ80 Brackets - LIKE NEW

    I tried your email address you have listed in your post, and it came back as not deliverable. I'll try a PM Bgpig
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    Corbeau Seat with FJ80 Brackets - LIKE NEW

    Email sent. Bgpig
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    Front Disc Brake Conversion

    Jim, I'll take em. Sending you an email right now for payment info. Thanks, Tom
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    Front Disc Brake Conversion

    Email sent.
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    1979+ FJ40 Lots of Parts

    PM sent about lights. Bgpig
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    For Sale Parting 79 FJ40

    PM Sent about Bumper.
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    Need heat

    It's for fresh air You should be able to push and pull that knob. It allows for fresh air to come in through the cowl vent. If you look up underneath the dash that knob should have a rod attached to an arm that opens and closes the vent door. If I recall correctly, you pull it for fresh air...
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    need suggestions on a good overhead small light for my overhead console

    I used a LED license plate light. I bought mine from Super Bright LEDs – LED Lights, Bulbs, and Accessories. This is what I bought, works pretty good. I mounted mine to the windshield frame above the rearview mirror so that I could still have a dome light when my top is off. LPC License...
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    Post your pics of your clean daily driven FJ40's

    My money pit........ Here is mine. This is my first attempt at a photo attachment. It's a 72, with 4" lift, Centerline wheels (don't like them, don't seem like they fit the look) 33" Maxxis tires. I have aluminum half doors on now, but don't have that picture on my computer. Just installed...
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    For Sale Ipf bumper fog lights...

    I'll take them if still available. PM sent.
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    Group buy-Fender extensions-interests?

    Count me in for a set.
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    For Sale Eagle Alloy Wheels

    Don't know if you sold them locally or not.... Not interested in them at this point.
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    need Source for wire connectors

    You might try this place OEM-Type Bullet & Spade Electrical Connectors for 1960's to 1980's Japanese Vehicles... Bridgestone, Datsun, Hodaka, Honda, Kawasaki, Landcruiser, Suzuki, Tohatsu, VW, & Yamaha From what I think you are wanting it shows connectors you are describing.
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    For Sale 73-78 FJ40 seats w/ headrest, brackets and belts

    I'll take them, email sent.
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    For Sale Eagle Alloy Wheels

    PM sent Bgpig
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    PIIA 90 PRO XT dual

    Sent you a follow up PM.
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    PIIA 90 PRO XT dual

    Sent you a PM Tom
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