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  1. starman

    Ignition switch

    Where can I find a new ignition switch for a 1978 fj 40? I'm talking about where you put the key in .:)
  2. starman

    Hard top

    I have a 1978 fj 40 I've been running topless for several years. I park it in a garage and enjoy the sunshine whenever I can. I've converted it to a fold down tail gate from an earlier model. Any suggestiions on putting a hard top back on? Will an earlier model hartop with the flip up rear...
  3. starman

    Price for 1991 4X4

    Hey guys - need some advice. Looking for a toyota truck for my son. Found a 1991 4x4 4cyl 5 speed single owner here in town - oil has been changed every 3000 miles , never been off road - paint's great, no rust. Doesn't use oil. Looks like it has a little oil on the engine . Really looks...
  4. starman

    Pipe bumper

    I have a pipe rear bumper with a receiver hitch on my FJ40. Right now out of expediency it is bolted on with the same bolts that held the bumperettes on, with four brackets mounting to the rear member in the stock holes. I seem to remember somewhere someone suggesting drilling these out and...
  5. starman

    Wanted choke cable

    Thanks guys - good advice - still need the choke cable if anyone has one. It's doing fine in warm weather without it but I'm sure it'll give me fits when it cools off again.
  6. starman

    Wanted choke cable

    Need a choke cable in good shape for a 78 fj40. Mine is frayed and will not work any more. Also if anyone has any tips on how in the world to get under that dash and change the thing out - cain't seem to get a wrench under there to release the nut on the back.
  7. starman

    kayak on an open 78 40

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. I am in Arkansas if anyone wants to do some creeking.
  8. starman

    '78 FJ40 Brake Booster (the fat booster) Swap

    I have a 78 fj40 that I replaced the dual diaphragm booster with a single diaphragm booster off a toyota mini-truck. The only problem has been my brakes are way too sensitive. I've gotten used to them, but you have to be careful or they'll jerk the rig to a full stop. Anybody have this...
  9. starman

    kayak on an open 78 40

    :hhmm:I have a 78 fj 40 I run topless. Just getting into kayaking - have two small kayaks - wavesport habitat 74 and a riot booster - I'm thinking of strapping onto the roll bar and the windshield. I'm using the preformed pipe insulation tubes to put over the windshield frame and it seems to...
  10. starman


    Looking for an adventure/expedition trailer I can put my camping gear in and put a couple of kayaks on.
  11. starman

    AMAZING 77' FJ40 with 42k ORIGINAL MILES! 100% stock!

    Sooo, is it for sale before it goes on e-bay?
  12. starman

    Death wobble

    Wasn't near as complicated as I suspected. My death wobble was due to the belts separating on the front drivers side tire - bf goodrich 33 9.5's. Fixed it by putting on the spare. New tires ordered.:o
  13. starman

    77 FJ40 firewall parts

    Don't know - mine didn't have then when I bought it. The heater valve and the hot water hose connects to them on the engine side of the firewall, and on the cab side of the firewall the heater hose connects to them.
  14. starman

    1978 FJ40 mostly stock FS in Arkansas

    reply I live in Batesville and would be interested depending on what you would take for OBO. Will be in LR this weekend. My home number i 870-698-0119.
  15. starman

    1974 FJ40 in Washington

    still for sale Sorry but I don't under stand the bump business. Is this still for sale? And what does a "bump" mean? Thanks
  16. starman

    Death wobble

    This afternoon my 78 fj40 developed a major wobble/shimmy in the front end around 35 mph. Have had the tie rod ends replaced on the front. Can you guys give me some ideas on what to check first? Can wheel bearings do this? Preliminary pushing and pulling does not seem to show any slack on...
  17. starman

    Does the bestop bikini give you much sun/wind protection?

    besttop Usually run topless and doorless but in this winter I broke down and put my best top doors and bikini on. Believe it or not they do make a difference with the heater on in an Arkansas winter.
  18. starman

    snatch block

    Thanks for the advice. The line about the block turning into a slingshot worried me a little. :hhmm: The champion is going back to tractor supply. Just ordered the ARB 209 from Gerone has really been helpful there. Thanks guys!
  19. starman

    snatch block

    A question for the veteran mudders - I have a warn 8000 winch on the front of my 78 cruiser. Want to buy a snatch block. Tractor Supply has a 4000 to 8000 snatch block made by champion or a larger 12000 pound snatch block, that will take up more room in the limited storage in my cruiser. I...
  20. starman

    77 FJ40 firewall parts

    Looking for the two short pipes that go through the firewall and connect to the heater hose valve and to the heater hose. They got through the rubber grommet that has two holes in it on the firewall next to the heater valve.
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