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  1. 2001LC

    Steering Flush & Cleaning

    I'd not use. Since it's "H" or "Mercon." Probably be okay, but why chance it.
  2. 2001LC

    Wanted CO: LX470 or 100 series front bumper cover

    I've some bumper skins and other stock parts. But why bother if going to "parts yard" BTW. I've interest in engine, rear sway bar and other parts. We should talk!
  3. 2001LC

    2001 LX470 no crank when cold, Only when Warmer than 40f

    Temperature affects resistance. Heat increases resistance which reduces current, cold has opposite effect. It's why door looks fail to work, on sunny side in heat of summer.
  4. 2001LC

    SOLD AHC LH Ride Height Sensor

    I do have a LH with arm. If you'll PM me with email and physical address, we can work-out details.
  5. 2001LC

    2001 LX470 no crank when cold, Only when Warmer than 40f

    OH! You've a modified electric system. If battery volts below 12.7V (using a voltmeter), before trying to start. You may be under charging.
  6. 2001LC

    SOLD AHC LH Ride Height Sensor

    Just the sensor or w/arm? I ask because the ball joint boots of arms, are usually in poor condition. Which leads to ball joint freezing.
  7. 2001LC

    99’ Land Cruiser Pulling Right - Cranking noise front left wheel / tire

    Steering jerking to the right, indicates a right side issue. It may be the snap ring is off., an axle splines of FDS may be catching and releasing hub flange splines. Maybe FDS CV freezing up. If you like: PM (DM) with email or phone #, and we can talk.
  8. 2001LC

    AHC Accumulator Bleed Question

    Couple of thoughts on new-ish globes failing: Killer of globes is excessive pressure on them. With fronts this can happen with improper T-bar adjustment. Which can be from neglect, mostly to LF globe. Or sensor lift and or extra weight in front end and not compensated. It's also possible old...
  9. 2001LC

    99’ Land Cruiser Pulling Right - Cranking noise front left wheel / tire

    Your descriptions "pull and jerk right along with a knocking / cranking noise" "pulled off the road and limped to a gas station" are unclear. It's hard to say if you're talking about a front end issue. As I could also take your description as and engine or transmission issue. Who's your Mechanic?
  10. 2001LC

    2004 lx 470 cv axle replacement

    Here a wheel hub where they pounded off the rotor improperly. I see this all the time. I can usually pound and flat file to get the run-out corrected. But this one, was not restorable. Even the wheel had indentation from the hub. It was a case where when wheel torqued on, a gap remained between...
  11. 2001LC

    2004 lx 470 cv axle replacement

    Here's the same wheel bearing service, where it get's interesting
  12. 2001LC

    2004 lx 470 cv axle replacement

    Here's same bad wheel bearing service from above, as O open it up.
  13. 2001LC

    2004 lx 470 cv axle replacement

    Unfortunately most shops can't keep a good mechanic. Find a 100 series specialist in your area. Or. A good Dealership. A sign of good: Is mechanic and other employees, have worked there for many many years. I've one Toyota Dealership near me, most have worked at for 20 plus years. Your FDS...
  14. 2001LC

    No CEL but TSC TRAC & TSC Off

    “fishtailiness” when accelerating on gravel" Indicates you front end issue. Very loose wheel bearing perhaps. To loose and wheel speed sensor may have been damaged.
  15. 2001LC

    2004 lx 470 cv axle replacement

    I've not heard of "typical cv axle knocking noise that happens when I am making a turn. " What I hear is a clicking sound on turns. But would be unusual to hear on factory installed at only 86K miles, unless lifted or boot ripped open. All to often, improper wheel bearing service leads to FDS...
  16. 2001LC

    AHC Fluid Change How To -- Need Input

    I just replace clear as it gets hard, with easy to find hardware tubing. Seems to last few years. Clear best, as can we watch for air bubbles.
  17. 2001LC

    2001 LX470 no crank when cold, Only when Warmer than 40f

    Try shifting into "N" and or slamming into "P". If bad starter we'll typically see dash lights dim, same with bad battery if any lights at all. 11.4V is a bit low. So if above Neutral switch is not issue, try charging battery above 12.7V.
  18. 2001LC

    Need terminal part number for the junction connectors.

    Toyota & Lexus dealership parts dep., stock the pig tails. Call one!
  19. 2001LC

    How To: Replace your own steering rack

    A few spline off dead center (rack to intermediate shaft), TRE's (Toe) adjust easily corrects. This would not change contact point of knuckle stops. How far we can turn left or right is determined, by the knuckle stops. If stopped removed, steering wheel/wheels would turn further. Even further...
  20. 2001LC

    Annoying P0430 need to solve it.

    Probably was the EFI fuse, which was replaced. But that would not likely have anything to do with P0430 (BK2 CAT). It can be a wonky O2 sensor. But most times, the CAT is bad. With a CAT failure, we need to look closely, for upstream possible issue. If not in flood or CAT has taken a bad...
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