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    82 hj47 troop hauler for sale

    bumpity bump
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    82 hj47 troop hauler for sale

    yeah its on ebay. listed in berlin md.
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    82 hj47 troop hauler for sale

    no interest anyone? i will take 10k for the truck i just bought 30k worth of outboards and truck has to go. i also have stock split rims with new tires that will go withthe truck.
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    82 hj47 troop hauler for sale

    troopy is for sale. 82 hj47, runs great, stops great. all stock expect wheels and tires. has full length roof rack, seats in the back. nice buckets up front. truck is solid. has some rust on the rear corners but frame has not a speck of rust. this would be a good candidate for a resto or just...
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    82 troopie hj 47 for sale

    ill post pics tomorrow
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    82 troopie hj 47 for sale

    troopie for sale hey i am selling a troopie hj 47 rhd, i posted a thread in fl45 thread check it out.
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    82 troopie hj 47 for sale

    hey there everyone, i am letting my troopie go due to other obligations. this is not my first choice but has to go. its an 82 hj 47 has about 180000 km on it. body is in pretty good shape, normal rust on the rear corners, floors are solid. frame is perfect. all glass is good and not cracked. has...
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    rear main

    well shes done, leaking oil steadily when its running. what am i going to expect from a repair shop to fix this in my 2h? my buddy is the owner of the shop, so i know it will be cheaper than normal prices. has anyone out there had to pay to have this fixed? let me know, thanks again guys
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    rear jump seats

    i have an 82 hj47 troopy. i have one side seats int he back, and im looking for another set of rear seats. the longer ones. i belive they are ound 4ft long each, let me know if u have a set that is in decent shape.
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    after running my 2h troopie the starter finally died, it clicked for about 2 months so i cant complain. im quite new with cruisers, where and what do i need to purchase to rebuild or have this rebuilt. thanks for the help
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    troopie owner

    what size rims and tires aew u running on ur truck westernmaryland, and by the way i live in ocean city maryland
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    troopie owner

    how do u re arch? and is adding a leaf going to make it higher? i think it would just make it stiffer? but im sure im wrong. i did the shackles already. i think they were 1"
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    Considering putting Herculiner on my Cruiser

    i used it on the whole inside of my troop carrier, i carry lots of tools and odd things. and its still in great shape, no chips, just make sure the surface is sanded, and wiped with mineral spirits. and u will get a satisfactory job.
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    troopie owner

    hey guys, i have an 82 troopie, looking for some lift springs for it, im kinda on a budget as i just bought a house. so any ideas on a cheaper alternative to OMe?
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    troopie lift

    so funny that i have 35 views on this thing, and no one has responded not even once. i know im new with this. but a little help would be awesome. if the question is stupid, sorry but i am just trying to get my troopie a little higher in the air. any help would be appreciated.
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    troopie lift

    hey there everyone, i am very very new to land cruisers, i want to lift my hj 47 troopie. its a 1982, i have been looking for lift kits, but only seeing them for fj40's. are the spring sets the same for both vehicles.
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    Name that costa rican cruiser

    i have spent 6 winters in costa rica, my buddy owns the toyota dealership in the town of nosara. they rent cruisers up till last year and they changed the the prado, u dont have to be to careful there, they dont get real nitpicky about dings and scratches considering the conditions u will be...
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    Local Diesel Prices

    in MD we are paying 3.99 usd for a gallon of diesel. so stupid
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    rough starts

    once its running fo a few seconds its fine, i did it today with less gas and it was better. thanks guys.
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