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  1. cubiclecaptive

    Costco/Northrock bikes..

    My first thought is go local bike shop where possible. The reps there are best able to describe the ins/outs of the components and will work to size a bike to your frame in your price range. That being said, the $ comes in to play as with everything. You have $1000 to sink into a LC then your...
  2. cubiclecaptive

    Missing battery mount?

    Sounds like you have a factory tray. If your cables are coming through 2 holes in the back of the "shroud" then you are looking at a factory tray. The "shroud" should bolt to the fender in a couple of locations below the battery and another in the front core support. I find that the retaining...
  3. cubiclecaptive

    For Sale Parting 97 80 series

    Thanks! The Cruiser is looking forward to the new parts. Thanks for the quick turn around! Greg
  4. cubiclecaptive

    Parting out a 1994 FZJ80

    Interested in DS cup holder. PM sent.
  5. cubiclecaptive

    Ok, So I'll be that guy....

    I think that most would argue that if the OEM parts got you to 150K+ in mileage then the few dollars more for Genuine Toyota over rebuilt/new XYZ replacement parts is mony well spent. When my Tahoe barely made it past factory warranty (60K) on items such as alternator, a/c compressor, CV...
  6. cubiclecaptive

    For Sale OEM FJ80 parts

    Ashtray arrived today. Thanks for the quick turnaround!
  7. cubiclecaptive

    For Sale Selling my 100!!!!

    I second the pics...and/or a reply to PM.
  8. cubiclecaptive

    Garage Tech-Insulating Garage Doors?

    Looking to insulate my garage a bit for the upcoming winter. 2 car garage with 2 overhead doors. Garage itself is insulated and doors seal well against the frames and floor, but are bare (thin) metal. So do I go with one of the "kits" from Lowes/Home Depot (15R fiberglass batting and "studs") or...
  9. cubiclecaptive

    Thanks to all-dual batteries installed!

    Wow! All I can say is that while I don't post often (and never original when I do) this forum is the best on the net. A big trip always brings consideration to the Cruiser and skiing Breckenridge at Christmas brought yet another round of mods. :steer: Florida this summer was DVD/NAV Kenwood...
  10. cubiclecaptive

    For Sale OEM FJ80 parts

    PM sent on ashtray
  11. cubiclecaptive

    Floor mats...

    Husky...hands down. Have had them in every truck I have ever owned. Caveat...tend to slide on the driver's side in an 80...little velcro and you are golden.
  12. cubiclecaptive

    For Sale 1999 Landcruiser 156K $9500 Central Missouri

    Picked this up yesterday. Carson was incredibly accommodating and brutally honest about anything/everythign that had ever been done to the vehicle. Needless to say, we are excited to have the Hundy in the stable and I know Carson was sad to see her go.
  13. cubiclecaptive

    For Sale 1999 Landcruiser 156K $9500 Central Missouri

    Email sent.
  14. cubiclecaptive

    For Sale 1987 Toyota pickup sr5 xtra cab

    PM sent
  15. cubiclecaptive

    Audio/Video Upgrade

    About the only component that is not visible (from a make/model standpoint) are the video headrests. They are an ESS 9". On long trips where we are few in the rig my daughter likes to sit in the 3rd row (with the 2nd row folded). That is the only reason I did not go with the ESS 7" (~$100...
  16. cubiclecaptive

    Audio/Video Upgrade

    As a frequent recipient of the knowledge found on 'Mud, but a rare contributor I thought I would take a few minutes to share the most recent upgrade to the LC. Following a ski trip to Breckenridge this past March the factory head unit decided that the CD player would need some help if it were to...
  17. cubiclecaptive

    HID headlight install nightmare....HELP!

    I don't have any experience with the lamps but these are the instructions I found following your link to eBay. HTH.
  18. cubiclecaptive

    soundproofed and heatproofed

    This is on my list of Must Do's this fall. Looks really clean; how much quiter is the Cruiser would you say? How thick was the odor eater? How aboout some "after" pics (so we can see the massaging)? Off topic, but where did that front passenger grab bar come from? I have not noticed one of those...
  19. cubiclecaptive

    80 conundrum: Better b/c of or in spite of PM?

    I am in in frequent poster but daily reader of Mud. But tonight as I waxed both poeticly and figurately on the Cruiser I asked the 80 series a better rig because of, or in spite of the PM I have lavished on her? At near 205K (and me being the 3rd and first OCD owner) she runs like a...
  20. cubiclecaptive


    DS front fender? Is that goo gone gone mad? Love the color combo btw and nice use of the insurance funds.
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