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  1. thefourthdoctor

    Parking Lot Mishap

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll be getting an estimate from the local dealership collision center early next week. Spoke with the lady who hit my LC and she seemed receptive to paying, will see if that changes depending on the estimate.
  2. thefourthdoctor

    Parking Lot Mishap

    Somebody hit my 2013 LC's rear driver side bumper while it was parked. At least the offending party left a note with their name and number and stated they would reimburse the repair. What steps should I take? Get an estimate for repair first? Where should I go in John's Creek/Suwanee, GA? Any...
  3. thefourthdoctor

    200 series picture thread

    Pigeon Forge, Tennessee this morning
  4. thefourthdoctor

    Scangauge 3 mount option

    This might also be another good option for mounting a phone without the use of vent mounts, suction cups, or tape.
  5. thefourthdoctor

    New phone holder

    Secured with toggle bolt in unused switch blank. Very minimal wobble, I feel like if I can adjust so that it rests on the dash there would be no wobble at all. Just installed 2 days ago, still finding optimal placement.
  6. thefourthdoctor

    New phone holder

    Posted this in the Black Friday thread, but there is a sale currently
  7. thefourthdoctor

    BudBuilt CATALYTIC CONVERTER GUARD installation

    Installed this week, makes me feel safer. Wish I had this installed when I left my LC at the airport for a week for peace of mind.
  8. thefourthdoctor

    BudBuilt CATALYTIC CONVERTER GUARD installation

    Almost looks like the thieves specifically targeted cats with anti-theft cables installed!
  9. thefourthdoctor

    DVD Remote replacement alternative 2013-2015 LC200

    When I bought a replacement there was no pairing needed, it just worked. BTW, I now have an extra remote for a 2013 LC, it's a little dinged up and is missing the battery door but all functions work. If anyone needs it let me know.
  10. thefourthdoctor

    Turning On Rear TVs Without Remote

    Do you need the remote to select source? Only the remote for my 2013 has that function, not the front touchscreen. That's the only time I touch my remote as I have a roku connected to my rear screen for the kiddo.
  11. thefourthdoctor

    New 200 Series Member

    Was just in Waikiki on vacation and didn't see any LC/LX anywhere. Saw plenty of 4Runners though.
  12. thefourthdoctor

    Toyota Dealer March 2022 Major Discounts

    Finally received my order this past week. Mostly trim pieces and various bolts and fasteners. Came in two deliveries.
  13. thefourthdoctor

    New 200 - Load Capacity Reduction?

    Doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to the weight reduction. Stock 2013 LC.
  14. thefourthdoctor

    200 series picture thread

    Went with family to Disney World and took a day trip to Daytona Beach. Apparently it was Jeep Week. One of these is not like the others.
  15. thefourthdoctor

    Next Gen Land Cruiser

    Saw a neighbor with a new Wagoneer in his driveway for less than a week, then a loaner Cherokee for a week before the Wagoneer returned. Make of that what you will...
  16. thefourthdoctor

    Spoiler gaskets

    I just used 1/2" wide automotive double-sided tape when I reattached mine. That was for the perimeter of the spoiler. For the bolt holes I think I just used some RTV. No issues.
  17. thefourthdoctor

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    At this rate, may you enjoy your Cruiser for the next 100 years! 😀
  18. thefourthdoctor

    SQOD Squad - Stupid Question Of the Day

    My 2013 with almost 150k miles does this. Would also like to know if this is normal.
  19. thefourthdoctor

    FREE 2009 Land Cruiser running boards and factory roof rack

    If you're willing to ship just the cross bars I'd be interested. Thanks
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