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  1. Dingman

    Home IP Wireless HD Cameras

    I have the previous generation Logitech Wilife system. For the price, it's been a great system for me, tho alot of people have had trouble with the outdoor cameras failing. But the software front end (windows) is full of just the right features. I've got 4 cameras and the front end software all...
  2. Dingman

    DIRT 2?

    I sure would like to join in on one of these. Not with my green truck tho, with something else. Gold or Black, methinks. I'll watch the thread.
  3. Dingman

    Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2013 - Pics and posts

    I missed the event! Doh! How many rigs showed? How were the trails? Any videos? Stories?
  4. Dingman

    Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2013

    Totally missed the fact that this was coming up. No way I can make it now, I'm working. EDIT: Oh, I wouldn't have passed requirements either. Have fun guys, take lots of pics and videos please!
  5. Dingman

    Link to Fall Crawl Photos

    I like mud. Looks like fun was had by all.
  6. Dingman

    the post 2012 tall corn cruiser classic thread

    Thanks for posting the pics!:clap:
  7. Dingman

    the post 2012 tall corn cruiser classic thread

    More video from Butt Crack, it's such an easy place to get video but jeesh... I've got a hundred of them from BC... Exiting the crack, my driveshaft "sings" (or maybe wails would be more accurate) when it rubs on the edge of the gas tank shield. I...
  8. Dingman

    the post 2012 tall corn cruiser classic thread

    So, where will the pics and videos end up? Not here, I think?
  9. Dingman

    the post 2012 tall corn cruiser classic thread

    We also had a good time and a big thanks to the people who worked to make this happen again this year. The trails were too dry for my tastes, I have alot more fun when it's muddy. I have just a couple of vids, nothing special. Here's one here...
  10. Dingman

    ***The Official Tall Corn Cruisers Classic 2012 Thread***

    I agree, the B73 was really neat, not something I've seen before. Toyota B73 Toyota B73
  11. Dingman

    Anyone going to MIOBI this weekend?

    No problem on the videos (I uploaded another one), jeez I'm slow on getting them uploaded. I'm not editing or anything this year, just not enough time in the day. Plus, the camera isn't doing well, the contrast in those vids is horrible. Oh well.:doh:
  12. Dingman

    Anyone going to MIOBI this weekend?

    Short Video of two FJ's coming down into the creek...Youtube linky
  13. Dingman

    Toys for tots

    The blazer at the beginning of this video is trying to pull someone out of that same hole we're talking about. MIOBI Labor Day 2008 - Clips - YouTube
  14. Dingman

    Toys for tots

    Ya, mine immediately got moved to the glove box also. And I sealed it as best I could before it went into the box.
  15. Dingman

    Toys for tots

    I've been stuck in that exact same hole - I made it all the way in tho:eek: That's when I found the computer behind the passenger kick panel doesn't like to be submerged.
  16. Dingman

    Check this out!

    What the heck? Why do you say that? Is this park any different than any other wheelin' grounds, as far as the danger is concerned? When was the any 4x4 park shut down due to injuries\death? I guess I can't think of one. People crash their vehicles all the time in normal, day to day driving...
  17. Dingman

    ***The Official Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2011 Thread***

    That is a really fun offshoot. I also found it accidentally the first time. I take it often now, just for the up and down fun. It will really flex out your rig and anything long with overhanging bumpers will get hung up. Commentary was good, you could tell some words were censored before...
  18. Dingman

    ***The Official Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2011 Thread***

    Hard to tell which trail due to the dash blocking the view. :) If that's the little offshoot from the main trail right after the pond, then it doesn't really have a name. Very flexy, with lots of up\down and fairly short, before it takes you right back to the main trail? Art, you should...
  19. Dingman

    ***The Official Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2011 Thread***

    Grrr, I'm also out of action due to a bad back. I hate it!:bang: Post up more pics, videos and stories, it's the only way for me to get my wheelin' fix.
  20. Dingman

    Swap, Wanted or Sell Thread

    That axle I posted last weekend... I want to get rid of it... free, without the spacers. So, it's just the housing, shafts and rusty drums\rotors\brake crap.
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