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  1. amos715

    For Sale OKC: 1975/Jeep/CJ5

    Good running 258 straight 6, good winch, 6 point roll cage, 4x4 works great, 2 barrel edlebrock defrost blower and windshield wipers stopped at the same time, i would guess its a fuse thing. 45 year old jeep, so it does have rust in the floors and rockers. it cries tears of grease & oil if you...
  2. amos715

    School a newb on E-Bikes

    I love my Radcity bike. I did break my leg on it a couple of years ago. But always dependable.
  3. amos715

    Pig Tank

    pm sent in 3 2 1
  4. amos715

    Pig Tank

    i need a gas tank for a pig, prefer within an hour of tulsa thanks
  5. amos715

    Building a deployment-ready supply box.

    a good first aid kit: betadine, neosprorin, and liquid baid aid. butterflys, and duct tape
  6. amos715

    Farmall Model A Rebuild Thread

    that's cool only thing i've done with mine in the last three years is mow a little
  7. amos715

    African expedition FJ/HJ60 Build for Jesus

  8. amos715

    How to pick a contractor?

    many contractors around here have gone out of business. and we still have had a hard time getting someone to come out and do some gutter/floor work. guess i'll end up doing it myself.
  9. amos715

    Where to buy an FSM? it says it is suspended, but i think there is still a hot link in there somewhere
  10. amos715

    Where to buy an FSM?

    i downloaded all of mine
  11. amos715

    FREE 1968 Fj55

    i think it is still there.
  12. amos715

    For Sale 88 X-Cab Turbo 5 speed 4WD DX, OK

    i can't believe this truck hasn't sold. if anyone between okc and stephenville, tx wants to buy this truck, i'll be down in a couple of months and i can deliver it.
  13. amos715

    For Sale 1966 Softtop FJ-40 In Tulsa - $18,950.00

    yeah that's it looks great, have you seen it dave? btw one of those tires you let me have finally went flat :D
  14. amos715

    For Sale 1966 Softtop FJ-40 In Tulsa - $18,950.00

    no affiliation saw it yesterday when i went to visit someone at the hospital. took some phone pictures, but it's on the new company phone and data plan has not been turned on yet. so i can not send them. it is setting just west of utica on 11th and behind the hillcrest hospital. very...
  15. amos715

    Any Pink Pigs Out There?

    yeah, was you the one who did it for me? my wife was wanting our pig pink and someone did this and a couple more edit :
  16. amos715

    FREE 1968 Fj55

    my father-n-law is in dyer, i need to see if we can find somewhere to stash this edit: does it have axles under it, i could bring some tires to roll it on a trailer.
  17. amos715

    arkansas, someone save this free pig!

    link is not working for me, is this pig still around.
  18. amos715

    Wanted Rice Burner - north central & north east oklahoma

    i have been trolling cl and scam bay but have not found anything close by yet. i want to pick up a rice burner, the cheaper the better. just needs to run everything else is optional. motorcycle, car, compact truck, go-cart. just need something cheap to go to school in anywhere within a...
  19. amos715

    My Son's Stuff From Stephenville, Tx To Oklahoma

    thanks guys, going to try and have it sent to duncanville then i will go down and get it. thanks again
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