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  1. LucRyd

    Wanted Non Droopy Sunvisors, 93' FZJ-80 BLUE

    2nd in line for a driver's side if you have one.
  2. LucRyd

    Just bought '96 80

    This is the part number I found 74320-60250-03. From what I can tell it’s an OEM overseas part that doesn’t have the vanity mirror.
  3. LucRyd

    Just bought '96 80

    Found some. And there are some OEM overseas versions that have an adjustment screw to tighten them.
  4. LucRyd

    Just bought '96 80

    Long time Toyota owner, first time cruiser. Triple locked, 247k , other than having a very low stance because it's sitting on 235/65/16's, it's stock. Oil pan gasket has a small leak. Shocks are gone. (Rides like the Uncle Buck's Mercury Marquis) Driver's seat was stuck in permanent recline...
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