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  1. shiretowndown

    LEAK! Transfer case? Diff lock? I’m new

    Local AAMCO shop quoting $1,300 in labor to crack open Tcase. I think it’s just some seals but due to the electronic Diff lock on the 4R you can’t just pull actuator off like on GX. just didnt know what the parts are to fix this? Is it just a couple of seals once Tcase is split open?
  2. shiretowndown

    Fixed my transfer case seal - Video!

    Wow! What a helpful video! I have an ‘04 4Runner with a wet actuator, i bet this is my issue. couple of questions: 1) what fluids do you use in your differentials? 2) how much tcase fluid will drain when you pull this actuator off? 3) as far as rotating to “free the teeth” for removal and...
  3. shiretowndown

    New Member Spotlight - DIFF LOCK

    Grace Community Church as in MacArthur?!
  4. shiretowndown

    Center Diff Lock light blinking

    I dont have a locked center diff BUT upon finding this thread I learned that this black box attached to my transfer case is an Actuator?? My LX’s didnt have this. my “black box” actuator is drippy. Is there a gasket or seal that could be bad?
  5. shiretowndown

    Fluids! Diffs, Transmission, & T-case...

    Can I just use this in all 3? New to 4Runners, used this in my LX’s.
  6. shiretowndown

    LEAK! Transfer case? Diff lock? I’m new

    What’s your best diagnosis of this leak from these photos? This is the center diff and some black box attached to it. The transfer case doesnt seem to be leaking….it’s the black box and particularly it’s “skid plate” that is drippy.
  7. shiretowndown

    VSC TRAC, VSC OFF lights on...?

    What exactly is a “zero point calibration”? An alignment?
  8. shiretowndown

    1st 4Runner Acquisition

    Hi All, just purchased an ‘04 SR5 V8 with 258k miles. Runs and drives so smooth. Needs valve cover gaskets so I’m doing the pressure control valve too. I have the VSC TRAC and TRAC OFF lights but I’ve found some info on these I’m looking into. Look forward to finding out about and enjoying the...
  9. shiretowndown

    NEW (to me) RIG POST - 2001 LX470 241,000 miles

    Ready for 2021 and beyond! No indication that these had been replaced on this vehicle!
  10. shiretowndown

    WDYD What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    She’s ready for 2021 and beyond!
  11. shiretowndown

    Some questions about the paint

    I’m not trying to paint this pillar or quarter panel, but I do want to remove oxidation, re-cover and preserve. I’m not trying to hide the spot, but keep it from getting worse.
  12. shiretowndown

    Some questions about the paint

    Good Evening Guys, What are the opionions on here to fix the exterior paint issue pictures below? my goal: just keep an original paint n patina LX. @2001LC I would be interested in your opinion based on your builds.
  13. shiretowndown

    Sources for AHC Accumulator Globes

    Attempting to diagnose a “lumpy” or “wobble” in my ride. When driving, especially lower speeds it feels like an uneven rotational bounce. How would I know the difference between a failing shock and a bad globe?
  14. shiretowndown

    NEW (to me) RIG POST - 2001 LX470 241,000 miles

    Ok so the paint code is 057, White Pearl Tri-coat. Since purchase I have had the thought that the paint seemed unusually nice and glossy for an older Toyota. Toyotas arent known for their excellent paint. Does anyone know if this “Tri-coat” was special? Were all colors on ‘01 models “Tri-coat”?
  15. shiretowndown

    Quick AHC Flush

    The @PADDO documented process is so very helpful. I flushed the AHC on my previous LX using it. The area I am still fuzzy on is: When bleeding into small plastic hose can I let the fluid bleed all the way until fluid stops or am I at risk of allowing air back up plastic pipe? When I bled my...
  16. shiretowndown

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Fresh purchase and “Ducky” is bone stock. Vehicle thread here:
  17. shiretowndown

    NEW (to me) RIG POST - 2001 LX470 241,000 miles

    I didnt think the Nav/Digital screen dash was an option on ‘01 models?
  18. shiretowndown

    NEW (to me) RIG POST - 2001 LX470 241,000 miles

    Torsion bars
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