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    Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek?

    yeah i run mine at 40 psi on the highway and havent had any issues yet. i have only rotated once so far so time will tell. even after airing down to 20 psi on the trail and renflating to 40 no major vibrations. which in my case says alot because my whole front end is in need of refreshing (230k...
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    Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek?

    I currently have about 7000 miles on mine and have not noticed any extra noise or vibrations yet. I just came back from a 800 mile round trip which included a lot of washboard forestry roads and some minor technical off-roading and still rode the same on the highway on the way back home. What...
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    Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek?

    Just rotated them last week. Still running great. After 4000 miles no noticeable difference in road noise or wear. I have been on two or theee long road trips (1000 miles each) and even on the highway there is no annoying roar. Other than light trails I’ve not had a real chance to test them out...
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    New to the group

    Welcome. Nice looking rig
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    Strongest roof rack using all 6 mounts?

    I ordered the Gamiviti essential expo ++ rack. This is one they usually carry in stock. It utilizes all 8 mounting points has cutout for the sunroof and holds my Smittybilt xl gen2 nicely. Only took about a week to get it from the time I ordered but they had it in stock at the time.
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    Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek?

    Just got my cooper rugged treks installed today in 275/70r18. Looks amazing on my 2005 LC. I live in eastern NC so I didn’t need a snow rated tire. A little more aggressive than an a/t but not loud like an m/t. Rained all day here today and no issues with handling.
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    What's going on over at GOBI?

    I recently ordered my gamiviti expo ++ essential rack from Tim and received it in one week. Obviously it will take a little longer for a custom rack but the essential was everything I needed and was in stock. Tim was great to deal with and the rack was a straightforward install.
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