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  1. IAFourty

    What is this?: License Plate “tang”?

    I think you are exactly right. I was coated with a crusty wrap before I painted it. What threw me is that it is so far away from the entry points for the two wires through the barn door. I guess it is a vestige from an earlier design.
  2. IAFourty

    What is this?: License Plate “tang”?

    I am cleaning up the rear license plate holder for my ‘78 FJ40 and am at a complete loss as to what purpose the “finger” of metal that is welded onto the back of the frame is supposed to serve. I recall that it had a very tired insulation type of wrap on the end of it which I removed to get at...
  3. FJ40fullbracket.jpeg


    Rear of FJ40 license plate bracket with metal “tang” weld.
  4. Licensebracketdetail.jpeg


    Detail of the metal tang weld on FJ40 rear license plate bracket.
  5. IAFourty

    FJ40 Headliner Installation

    Overton, thank you for posting this thread in ‘13. I am refreshing my ‘78 and have purchased the CruiserCorps liner plus their Permatex adhesive. I get the added joy of installing around a sunroof and internal bolts through the cap that are securing a home-built roof rack, both of which the...
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