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  1. Pitbull1981

    No shutoff now no power HDJ81

    Here’s a weird one. My starter plunger got stuck so the vehicle only wanted to try to kick over, so I just changed the starter after a lot of bolted everything back in and now no power to the vehicle at all. Found a “no key” nk-150 system in the kickpanel, think it was an alarm or...
  2. Pitbull1981

    1990 HDJ80 Won't Turn Off...Turns off but won't stop trying to turn over

    Nope. Pulled the starter solenoid and changed it. Still trying to start without a key. Sounds like I have a power gremlin somewhere as power is getting to the starter.
  3. Pitbull1981

    1990 HDJ80 Won't Turn Off...Turns off but won't stop trying to turn over

    Hi everyone, I need some help. Have an HDJ80, tried to turn if off but it won't stop trying to turnover. I changed the starter solenoid ( not sure on the correct term - the solenoid behind the LHS battery) as my friend put a volt meter to it and it seemed like it fused itself to always trying...
  4. Pitbull1981

    Alberta outdoor adventure expo

    I will be there
  5. Pitbull1981

    Valemont Trails

    Anyone have any details on the Valemont area for off-roading/overlanding?
  6. Pitbull1981

    OPERATION HOOD VENT LOUVERS for 80-Series with

    So did anyone install the JK ‘13? Easy or hard, roughly how long did it take?
  7. Pitbull1981

    Local 80 Series Parts?

    I know thi sis not the buy and sell section, but I have little interest in the Mericans telling me they have cheap parts them seeing $400 shipping bills. Anyone have 1990-1997 80 series parts for sale? Need rims, back glass or tailgate and a few other odds and ends. Trying to stay private.
  8. Pitbull1981

    Another Edmonton Garage for Cruisers?

    Hi everyone, Wondering if there is another shop in the Edmonton area that is competent with 80 series diesels. I love the guys are 4Wheelwholesale, however just not getting responses or quotes on repairs I need and I’m tired of chasing them. Any info would be great.
  9. Pitbull1981

    Kakwa falls July 2020

    I won’t be able to make the trip, however if anyone can get some GPS coordinates and share that would be great as I’ll looking to go in late July/early august.
  10. Pitbull1981

    Winter Diesel and fuel economy?

    I have an HDJ81, with 35s, RTT and ARB bumper re-geared diff. I only get about 400km to the tank....wondering if anyone else is getting such terrible mileage.
  11. Pitbull1981

    Turbo Boost Too High - Red Light

    Started up my rig after about 3 weeks of not driving it, was going up a hill and the turbo boost (red light came on). After the initial jump every time I accelerated my pyro boost gauge jumped up very quickly. I have a 90 HDJ81, any idea what it might be?
  12. Pitbull1981

    Club Fall Get together

    What does the $50 cover?
  13. Pitbull1981

    Club Fall Get together

    Oct 9? Where is ”that place”?
  14. Pitbull1981

    ATV Ramos as Roof Rack

    I know it might not be the prettiest, but has anyone considered or tried using the aluminum atv ramps as a flat roof rack? 80” x 54 x 1.5? Only a few hundred bucks and would easily mount to any cross beams.
  15. Pitbull1981

    Wheels - Anyone have old links

    Hi, Can’t find rim sizes for a 1990 HDJ81 ? What other vehicles have a matching pattern? Anyone have an older link in here I can review? Looking to match my trailer to my rig. TIA
  16. Pitbull1981


    I tried everyone, Millenium Insurance in Sherwood is the only place that had comprehensive.
  17. Pitbull1981

    Club Baseball Hats?

    Medium size , yes 1 please
  18. Pitbull1981

    Club Baseball Hats?

    Did this ever happen?
  19. Pitbull1981


    Best insurance providers who will actually insure an import....and help please.
  20. Pitbull1981

    Who the hell are you? ( intros )

    The vehicle is triple locked, tow points, winch will be installed shortly after purchased. new to this forum too, anyone have a line on a roof rack or cross beams?
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