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    SOLD OKC: 2017 LX570 39k miles

    Great looking truck. My wife is looking for a new truck and I think this just might work.
  2. smm3

    PS front door will not open from inside or outside

    I have a 2014 LC that I have owned for 4 years. Haven't had any problems until now. The PS front door will not open using either handle inside or out. The door will lock and unlock with the remote and the lock button. You can pull on the handle from outside and there is not any resistance...
  3. smm3


    I am interested in these. I live in Jackson.
  4. smm3

    Pedal Commander or other throttle controller thoughts?

    Had anyone bought one of these for the 08-15 LC? I have a 14 and am considering it. It’s listed at 329 on the pedal commander website right now.
  5. smm3

    Drivers side door not locking...

    So I replaced my DS motor a week ago, and I had the same thing happen. It would unlock as soon as I locked it. This is because you had the car on. It was preventing you from locking the car with the keys inside. This doe not mean you didn't put it back together correctly......Just wanted to...
  6. smm3

    How many 200's on ih8mud

    2014 LC purchased used in August 2017 with 55K miles Jackson, MS 75K
  7. smm3

    Failed Door Lock Actuator R&R

    I have a 2014 and my DS just gave up. I will be ordering the replacement motor and changing it out. Thanks for the write up and tips.
  8. smm3

    can windows bew opened closed via key fob?

    I have a 2014 and my windows do NOT open when holding down the unlock button. My last two cars were Lexus and they both did it. It must be a dealer option least as far as the 14 is concerned.
  9. smm3

    Members Rigs

    2014 DD
  10. smm3

    MetalTech October Sales

    I bought a set of sliders for my 200 and sent an email to metal tech asking if they would ship LTL because it was over 450. I live in MS. They did and refunded me abour 140. Might be worth asking them...
  11. smm3

    Builds Codyaustin5's Build Thread

    I keep coming back to the plasti dipped rear emblem. Did you remove the emblem or just tape it off and then apply it? I couldn't find any instructions about how to remove the emblem. Wanting to give this a try.
  12. smm3

    Rain Sensing Wipers.....

    I know this is off topic but does anyone know what the slot is below all the buttons on the left hand side It looks like it would hold a credit card or something...I didn't look in the manual yet...
  13. smm3

    Builds Leave no bolt on behind build

    Truck looks great. I just found a set of the same wheels and plan to add the same tires. Can't wait!
  14. smm3

    200 Series tech and classifieds.

    I found and purchased some Tundra 18" wheels. I couldn't pass them up. 120 for all 4 delivered. Once these tires wear out, I will be switching over. I have about 10K left. I appreciate it though.
  15. smm3

    For Sale CO: Rock Warrior TRD 5x150 17" - Spares

  16. smm3

    200 Series tech and classifieds.

    Well i realized I couldn't stay away for too long. Found this 2014 in McKinney. Had 57.6k miles on it. One owner regularly serviced. Felt like I got a good deal on it. Plan is to build it slowly. Probably limited to sliders, lift and new wheels and tires. I don't care for the Tundra 20" ones...
  17. smm3

    80 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    That one sat out in the Hawkins airport parking lot for a long time....don't know anything about it though.
  18. smm3

    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    I just purchased a one owner 2014 with good service records and 57.6K miles on it in McKinney Texas for 47,500. I felt like I got a decent deal based on other prices around the internet.
  19. smm3

    Builds Codyaustin5's Build Thread

    Wow. Okay thanks for that information. I am not sure I have the patience for that.... ha ha
  20. smm3

    Builds Codyaustin5's Build Thread

    Truck looks great. I had a question as to how you blacked out the chrome on the rear hatch while still leaving Land Cruiser in chrome? I am trying to get rid of as much chrome as possible. Thanks in advance.
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