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  1. SLOwag

    For Sale FJ60 Headlight Harness

    I have somebody that stepped up and wants this. Thanks for the interest.
  2. SLOwag

    For Sale FJ60 Headlight Harness

    My 60 has been gone for some time now but I just came across this harness purchased from Daniel Stern and never installed. To be honest, I'm not even sure what I have have...see pics. If somebody thinks they know what I have and wants it, send me a PM and I'll send it to you for the cost of...
  3. SLOwag


    I like how Springbar replaced the window and door screens on my 1960's era tent for a very reasonable price. I have other tents, but I still like camping in a canvas tent now and then.
  4. SLOwag

    Tent Lighting

    I've used two solar Nokero bulbs for about four years now.
  5. SLOwag

    FJ60 Front Mud Flaps - Central Coast CA

    Weekend bump.
  6. SLOwag

    FJ60 Front Mud Flaps - Central Coast CA

    SOLD - FJ60 Front Mud Flaps - Central Coast CA These are in good shape, no rips, tears, or holes. I believe the hardware shown is all that you need. These were takeoffs from my 60 when I put sliders on. I want to sell these as a pair. Thanks $40 plus shipping.
  7. SLOwag

    scematic diagram for cigaret lighter

    Please update this when solved, I think I have the same issue. Thanks
  8. SLOwag

    FJ60 Radiator removal/replacement

    Just paid $317 for my Performance Radiator for a 60 series...I hope it lasts longer than five years. Click on the store locator tab, they seem to be across the states.
  9. SLOwag

    HEI DUI distributor and more??

    Here's 2 cents of opinion: I pulled my DUI w/ Live Wires off my rebuilt motor after about two years and 20k and have been back to the stock dizzy and wires for about nine months. I have not noticed any performance differences and will sell the DUI. I was getting some ashy deposits on my NGK...
  10. SLOwag

    FJ60 Radiator removal/replacement

    Big Bump... I searched and this seems like the right thread to bump for my radiator replacement question. I had my mechanic buy the Performance radiator so he could install it and some new hoses (thermostat is less than 2 yrs old so I'm not replacing that). Well, now that my truck is in...
  11. SLOwag

    2001 Tacoma 4X4 SoCal

    Nick - Try to hold out on your price. I just sold my almost identical 2000 with 135k on the odo for $7k (that's $500 over my asking price) to a Craigslist nut that rented a car and drove one way for 180 miles without ever seeing more than a few a pics. Bump for Ya.
  12. SLOwag

    Show me your rear bumper

    Man-A-Fre 1st Gen I'll be replacing the latching system soon so I can open each swing-out independently...and I lost the non-captive latching bits on the trail recently.
  13. SLOwag

    Drove with Marv Specter in his newly dieseled FJ60

    Cross Post Here's one that came out of that has pics. It's done! 3.0-liter turbo-diesel FJ60 from TLC - Expedition Portal Forum
  14. SLOwag

    ONLINE DEAL: 5 Gal Scepter Water Cans $16

    Scepter FUEL cans In case you haven't wandered over to the Expeditions Builds forum, somebody found a deal on plastic fuel cans.
  15. SLOwag

    Solid Rock Off Road v. 4X4Labs Rear Bumper Comparison?

    I have a 1st Gen MAF 4+ w/ dual swing outs and I like it. I do like the way the SROR does a better job of addressing the little notch in the rear qtr panels if yours are uncut...I attached a pic of mine, check the SROR site to see his.
  16. SLOwag

    Picking up ny FJ-60 Soon

    That looks like a nice one. What year would that one be? Personally, I would start with the suspension if the springs are original and I'm guessing that they are by the rear end sag. You're going to love your rig if you've been looking for awhile, I still remember picking mine up...and driving...
  17. SLOwag

    60 rear quarter trim

    Sorry, don't have time to search for you but look for Exiled's posts for Princess. That is one of the better examples and it also shows how the rear qtr panel protection ties into the frame. check post 199 in the 60's registry...
  18. SLOwag

    Elk Ridge to Needles, Family Trip, Labor Day 2008

    Nice writeup and photos. I love that country in September, it seems that you always get a mix of weather and the rain really brings out the colors in the rocks and dirt and the smells of the high plain. I'm always interested in how others carry their gear and camp....Are the dry bags on the...
  19. SLOwag

    FatMat vs Dynamat?

    Yep. Maybe it's time for another group buy.**-ih8mud-com-vendor-marketplace-**/135591-second-skin-deadening-group-buy-thread.html
  20. SLOwag

    What plug wires for my DUI Distributor?

    That's what I have currently, I don't want another set...probably pricey too.
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