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    For Sale Third gen 4Runner 95-04 taco 90 series UCA and lca's

    Upper and lower control arms from a 04 if I recall Tacoma. Supposedly had 40k on them before the PO put on long travel. I bought them 9 or 10 years ago to build long travel arms from them but sold the truck and found them recently in my parents garage. Bushings look good and balljoint feels good...
  2. K

    Wanted UZJ100 and LX470 running boards

    Looking for a pass side silver trim running board for a 100 Also looking for a driver side running board in black for a lx470... Don't ask... I'm in Fort Worth tx but not opposed to shipping. Thanks.
  3. K

    1997 LX450 lifted, locked, built, with mostly new mechanicals

    Ya it's a scam. They want you to pay them to sell it before they will sell it.... Usually 100 or so... But they don't sell it or even try.
  4. K

    Vendor Parting out Rust Free 1997 Lexus LX450

    One birf? Long side if it matters.
  5. K

    Gulf states fender flares

    I sent an inquiry to bushwhacker to see what they say. Thanks and pm sent
  6. K

    Gulf states fender flares

    Did bushwhacker supply gulf states with the port added flares? Or where is a good place to find one? Right rear 1/4 panel piece. No they are not coming off.... :flipoff2: Thanks
  7. K

    For Sale 97 LX450 Locked

    Should have taken 4500 and run.
  8. K

    Are 1997 defenders Piece of Garbage like all rovers?

    if they were 1/10 the price, they would be worth it. they drive horrible on the highway, are underpowered and underbraked, some parts are either NLA or stupid expensive. a dash costs 6k for a used one. and they leak, are hot in summer, cold in winter, loud, bouncy. they only look cool and have...
  9. K

    Can A Disco Be Made Reliable?

    99 d2 with 197K as long as you keep up with maintenance they are fine.
  10. K

    Spicer 1310 rear driveshaft flange P/N?

    Does anyone know what the spicer 1310 ujoint rear driveshaft flange p/n is? rear at the diff end. thanks. Kyle
  11. K

    Hella Lights

    fwiw they are Hella 500 Driving (or pencil) beam. Work good, especially with high quality 85 or 100W bulbs. they come with 55W. priced for a steal.
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    Nice 80 Series on E-Bay - Price Check

    way too much. especially with no known history.
  13. K

    Rear Diff noise w/vid

    will get them later tonight. the amount of goo was not excessive, it was there though. I assume it is mainly from the gears re-seating.
  14. K

    Rear Diff noise w/vid

    pulled it apart. Oil was Mobil 1 75/90 LS Synthetic. A big mound of black "metallic" goo stuck to the magnet. Drained (most of) the fluid through a paper towel and quite a bit more of the goo was in the oil, as well as in the housing. No abnormal wear on the shaft splines. No abnormal wear...
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    For Sale 2001 Land Rover Disco 2 Lifted Diff Locks

    does it have the arm rests built into the front seats? if not, its not leather.
  16. K

    For Sale TX: 2006 Range Rover HSE Luxury

    oil changes mainly, tires brakes wear and tear and air and pollen filters. the 105K service has spark plugs as I recall. I went through and replaced anything I could think of that might wear out, for example both front air springs, front suspension bushings. Nothing unexpected has happened to it...
  17. K

    For Sale TX: 2006 Range Rover HSE Luxury

  18. K

    Rear Diff noise w/vid

    new (different) pinion flange. Crush spacer the first time. would have to swap the pumpkins. the housing is welded upon quite heavily. Will snap some pics when I can pull it apart. Hopefully this week one evening.
  19. K

    Rear Diff noise w/vid

    yes, no dif cover on a 80 rear axle. (or front for that matter)
  20. K

    Rear Diff noise w/vid

    yeah I'm thinking a spun bearing... going to pull it out hopefully this weekend...
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