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    For Sale 70 series e-locker front axle housing, knuckles, hubs

    Have been trying to track you down. Call me PLEASE. 503-777-3708
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    NLFS Maryland 1989 BJ70

    What engine is in this?
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    For Sale Boulder, CO 1988 LHD BJ71 13B-T Cable Lockers SOLD

    Rust in body? Open to offers? Where is it located?
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    For Sale 2002 f250 7.3L lariat portland OR

    Price? It looks like Vancouver WA? Thank you Jim
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    For Sale 1985 bj 70

    Dash pad above the glove box? Is it in good shape? I will buy it if it is good. Jim
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    For Sale For Sale in U.S. Diesel Land Cruiser LHD 93 FZJ80 w/1HDT Professionally converted.

    Call me or email me, 503-777-3708 Sheldon is a friend, I was around when he did this conversion. I live in Portland, I would like to discuss the purchase of your vehicle. Jim
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    Wanted Dash

    BJ70 Dash WTB I have a 1985 BJ70 LHD Canadian destination I want to purchase a upholstered brown dash, top. Please PM me what you have, would like it crack free as mine already has the cracks. This dash sits on top over the glove box/radio area of the dash. Thank you Jim
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    For Sale bj70 for sale

    How about some more info. What color is the interior? Condition of the body? Pictures? Please, I own a 1985 BJ70 and am looking for body parts. Jim
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    13bt dies when hits boost

    Possible bad vacuum pot, if I remember correctly the pot has a spring inside, the vacuum pulls the pot diaphram which moves the link arm shutting the intake butterfly shutting down the engine. If I got this right, the spring could be broken, when the boost hits, the volume of air passing over...
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    3B leaks after New Rear Main Seal

    You pulled the pan to install the rear main? Did you use a gasket for the pan or silicone? I did this and used an aftermarket pan gasket, it looked like a rubberized cork. Mine leaked because the gasket broke down over time. I had to pull the pan and I used silicone, does not leak now. Jim
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    13B-T vacuum switching valve

    I converted a 13BT from 24vdc to 12vdc. I think I have several 24vdc VSV's left over. I can check my shop for them if you want. my email address is I am leaving town till Friday so I will try tommorow and see, if I can't get to my shop it will be Saturday. Let me know if...
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    3B Turbo Kit Build Review... Long Overdue

    A member of this site decides to put his money and reputation on the line and build something that is needed by other owners of the Diesel Landcruiser. You come along and with a single post, you insult and damage the work of another all because you want to be someone. Example 1. You called this...
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    3B Turbo Kit Build Review... Long Overdue

    Here is a piece of info you probably never read: Type 304 stainless is the most widely used analysis for general corrosive resistant tubing and pipe applications, it is used in chemical plants, refineries, paper mills...
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    Turbo Oil Line Questions for a 3B *PICS*

    Wayne you have had this discussion before, I called Alamo remember, they said if the housing has water ports they need to be hooked up, so yes it is your opinion, and if you remember I posted the phone number and persons name I called at Alamo. Here is a white paper from Garrett about the need...
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    3B, 5 speed, 3.73 gears, 33" tires... ?

    It wil make you down shift more often when climbing, take alot longer to get up to speed as in hwy speed, increase your egt's and probably won't help fuel consumption. Install 4.10 or 4.11 gears and never look back. Jim
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    70 series body tub

    Sorry to hear the deal fell apart, if it is still for sale how much? Thank you Jim
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    Any reviews/experience with this EGT gauge..

    I purchased 3 gauges from glowshift for my 96 Powerstroke, EGT, Boost, and Transmission Temp. They seem to be good gauges. I have had zero problems with them. Post up if you purchase them and you have problems. Jim
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    Real time 3B to 13BT swap advice.

    Yes you have to have a return line, it needs to go to the bottom of the tank to prevent foam build up on a partial tank of fuel. Good luck on the install Jim
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    Real time 3B to 13BT swap advice.

    I did this I swapped out a 3B in my 1985 BJ70 with a 1987 13BT out of a BJ74. The block of the the 13BT needs to be a Red block, it is the same configuration as the 3B, the bell housing needs to be the aluminum bell housing there is no difference between the 3B and 13BT aluminum bell housing...
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