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  1. rc6340

    Wanted 3 on tree linkage

    I’ve got the trans top plate and most other parts Left over from my column to floor conversion. Rick
  2. rc6340

    SOLD FJ25 FJ40 early upper and lower thermostat housing halves

    I’ve got 1 of those. Sent You a pm.
  3. rc6340

    SOLD Fj40 F135 valve cover

    It’s yours. Shoot ma a shipping address and I’ll get you a total and send it out Monday Thanks
  4. rc6340

    SOLD Fj40 F135 valve cover

    Not as perfect as i remembered but close. Pics tell the story. $85 plus shipping Rick
  5. rc6340

    SOLD Fj40 F135 valve cover

    I’ve got a nice 1, Straight and rust free. Where do you want me to send pic to. Rick
  6. rc6340

    Wanted 2f Dented side cover

  7. rc6340

    Wanted Looking for an early fj40 3 on the tree column shift linkage and shifter.

    I should have that leftover from converting mine to floor. I’ll get you some pics this evening or tomorrow morning. Where do I send pics ? Rick
  8. rc6340

    FREE FJ40 FST B-pillar bow

    Do you have the other pieces that attach to the sides that the doors close onto ?
  9. rc6340

    SOLD 1 barrel carb spacer **see picture**

    I probably have one, will take a look later this afternoon. Rick
  10. rc6340

    SOLD WI, 1969 F motor and tranny

    I’ll take it. Pm sent Thanks, Rick
  11. rc6340

    MUDShip Enclosed trailer from MT to KY/TN/AL available

    Pm sent
  12. rc6340

    MUDShip Chicago to Nashville

    Looking to move an f engine and trans. It’s strapped to a pallet and seller can load. Thanks, Rick
  13. rc6340

    MUDShip Danville Ky to Nashville Tn.

    No longer needed, thanks
  14. rc6340

    MUDShip Danville Ky to Nashville Tn.

    Need a set of tube doors from Danville Ky to Nashville area. Thanks, Rick
  15. rc6340

    For Sale FJ40 Miscellaneous Parts - Kentucky

    I’ll take the tube doors. Pm coming, thanks
  16. rc6340

    craigslist 64 FST/California

    Don’t waste your time ? C’mon man, really ?
  17. rc6340

    For Sale Nashville, TN. Best Top soft top door set.

    I’ll take’em. Will pm you
  18. rc6340

    Wanted 2 piece header

    Sill looking.
  19. rc6340

    Wanted 2f Dented side cover

    Looking for a later 2f, dented side cover. Thanks, Rick
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