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  1. Yspen

    2F Rod bolt broke

    In my 2F rebuild I used the ARP bolts as I believed at the time it would be an improvement over OEM. Probably was overkill but it worked well . Very important that the heads needs to be cut as shown in picture . I asked the guys that did balancing of the engine parts to do the cutting of the...
  2. Yspen

    Torsion Bar Adjuster is Broken

    I am aware of two cases where the bracket broke Both cases it happened in cars that were heavy laden . One on a trip in Botswana and one in Namibia. By no means a common occurrence. A few of my fellow 100 series owners here have strengthened the bracket by welding a steel plate onto the sides...
  3. Yspen

    Bluetooth microphone placement

    Mine also where Jammigator has his mic. Works pretty decent. (same mic Kenwood /JVC) Was easy installation
  4. Yspen

    What is this under front bumper?

    Old picture on Internet shows it presence Nothing in diagrams
  5. Yspen

    What is this under front bumper?

    Hi New to the 100 section. (sold my 60 2FE and then UK spec 80 GS with 1HDFT ) Recently acquired a 100 GXL Australia spec 2001 HDJ. Getting older and wanted auto box and softer ride of IFS. There is one thing I cannot find the answer for : what is this threaded bolt's purpose under the front...
  6. Yspen

    2F-E in Africa - Lots of questions

    The extra 20 Nm at 1500-2000rpm makes daily driving a pleasure . Only problem is that first gear is now obsolete - I pull away in second . Feels like I can do with even larger wheels .
  7. Yspen

    2F-E in Africa - Lots of questions

    Update : Upgraded ECU ( Keeping old one as a spare in case it fails in the bush) . Same manufacturer ( Spitronics ) so using the same harness . Gained a bit of KW and Torque. Car drives very smoothly now and maintaining 14,7 AFR most of the time 166HP and 261 Ft/Lb on the wheels ( 33")
  8. Yspen

    Academical : Advance timing on 2F ( 3F ) throughout rev range

    I fitted the 3FE dizzy . ( no weights or vacuum ) It could be that the wiring is incorrect that feeds the ECU from the dizzy . Leading edge vs trailing edge . That could mess up the timing. At least I know now what the timing is supposed to be . The timing at idle corresponds with the ecu (...
  9. Yspen

    Academical : Advance timing on 2F ( 3F ) throughout rev range

    Thanks guys, this is valuable info . I should reach 30degrees with the 2fe at 8,5:1 CR and mild Delta 250s cam at WOT. Now that it is confirmed I can start looking for the cause of the pinging and not settle for it at 17 degrees. Here in South Africa we only have one grade of fuel (95 Octane...
  10. Yspen

    Academical : Advance timing on 2F ( 3F ) throughout rev range

    I have done a 2F-E build with aftermarket ECU With this I have to set the timing throughout the rev range using two maps , the first map is basic rpm/timing advance and the second map is vacuum ( from MAP sensor ) / advance & retard . So provision is made for load and rpm in the software ...
  11. Yspen

    Parting out Gold/Brown FJ62

    Email me please at if you are willing to ship 3F-E distributor to South Africa . The previous one shipped to me was not bubble wrapped and connectors got smashed in the post .
  12. Yspen

    2FE Build Opinions Needed

    DickM's setup with submerged pump is first prize . I wanted a reachable pump should it fail on trail. Re transmission : H55F with 4,56 diffs and 33" tyres .
  13. Yspen

    2FE Build Opinions Needed

    So here is my setup . The pipes is a bit long but it works . My Surge tank at the rear The piping diagram is the same as with DickM's setup With protective cover to shield flying rocks Fuel Pump with filter ( that thing is more like a strainer ) And with the cover
  14. Yspen

    2FE Build Opinions Needed

    I also retained the Mechanical fuel pump on my 2F-E . It feeds a surge tank from where the Walbro get the fuel to feed the fuel rail . ( BTW Fuel use : last tank 12MPG but I am using aftermarket ecu that still needs tweaking. Best so far 14MPG )
  15. Yspen

    1993 1FZ-FE complete drivetrain into 1989 FJ62?

    I cannot do the writeup of the conversion as it was done by a friend in South Africa . It is a 1FZ-FE with H55F using the OEM ECU and harness . Writeup can be found on "Land Cruiser club of South Africa" but you need to register on the site to see it and ask questions of the conversion
  16. Yspen

    Projector Headlights

    Will these work ?
  17. Yspen

    Dune Driving with an FJ60: Is it doable??

    I did a trip in the Namib with my 2F prior to doing the 2F-e conversion. I got pretty far in most places but the really big dunes was too much for the 2F . Some of those dunes are over 100m high . Had to take alternative route in a few places . The guides are awesome so follow their lead. The...
  18. Yspen

    FJ62 Radiator Replacement??

    Currently looking at this one :
  19. Yspen

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Once a year the landscape turns colorful in the western part of South Africa . ( This is the last section of winter before spring arrives)
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