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  1. pillguy

    T8rTotr - It totes the Tater

    Looking great Ted, hope you are well.
  2. pillguy

    Ga. Cruisers Chat Thread

    This was 11 years ago at Ralph's
  3. pillguy

    Replacing the Alternator on the GX470

    Hi Guys, 98K on the GX and alternator fails..... what parts do I need to order from Toyota if I am going to rebuild my alternator on my GX470? Voltage Regulator 12 Volt, B-Circuit, Quality WBD Bearing Quality NTN Bearing Brush Holder Assembly and spare Brushes, THis is what I have from a...
  4. pillguy

    Ga. Cruisers Chat Thread

    Mud awaits us Ted
  5. pillguy

    May 16-24 Apocolypse Ride

    Too long.... doing well. Hiding from virus..... missing the club. Working alot, needing to fix the transmission on 4runner. Not driven in over a year. About ready to be frozen in carbonite after a trip to Colombia with Ruthie. A dinner in Bogota at top of Montserrate in early January. We are...
  6. pillguy

    May 16-24 Apocolypse Ride

    Is your truck fixed Ted?
  7. pillguy

    Agreed Upon Value Insurance for an 80 Series???

    I am using amica as their rate are good, not sure if they will do an agreed upon value as I just have liability on the 4runner
  8. pillguy

    Call for Board of Directors Volunteers!

    Some friends of mine out west converted their group into JustRuns 4 Wheel Drive Club (San Diego, CA) As they got tired of similar issues. It may be a thought for the ga cruisers and yes, I was on the board for several years as well.
  9. pillguy

    STLCA New Years Ride

    We need videos
  10. pillguy

    I am moving back.

    Christ, welcome back!!! Hope to see you and others one of these days. I have been MIA for quite some time and need to fix my truck. Hope u find a place soon. It will all work out in due time.
  11. pillguy

    Builds SAS 89 Mini--Triple cased Mashed Potato

    Ted, When will you be done with all the mods?😁😁😁😁
  12. pillguy

    Buyin', Sellin', and Tradin'

    What do u think guys, 189k Km and only $6000
  13. pillguy

    Sam RIP today

    Ruthie and I buried Sam today, faithful friend for over 12 years. His body was giving out and he could barely walk. He was in a lot of pain over the past year. He was on several 4x4 rides with the.crew to tracy city and GSMTR over the years. I will miss him immensely as I never had such a loyal...
  14. pillguy

    STLCA 2019 New Years Ride

    Wish to have gone this year , but sickness and truck needed repairs prevented the trip
  15. pillguy

    I want a 200

    Ask @jblatl here on thread aND a 200 owner who has owned many toyotas
  16. pillguy

    I want a 200

    I think it is too soon to tell. I was looking at them 2 yrs ago and it was $33k for about 100k mikes and reasonably clean truck. It would be interesting to survey mud owners.
  17. pillguy

    Pics from 2018 Southern Cruiser Crawl

    Nick looks like a lot of fun
  18. pillguy

    I want a 200

    That truck needs a winch
  19. pillguy

    I want a 200

    KTF pays 7% dividend tax frreeeeee every month!!!!!!!! Just ask Pablo
  20. pillguy

    I want a 200

    Just so you know, ATT was in the low 30 range with a sweet dividend
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