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  1. MyCrush

    Who has the HIGHEST mileage on an 80???

    HG and replacement of most the original equipment inside engine bay @300K
  2. MyCrush

    Parting Out 1994 FZJ80. VA

    I can’t speak for 93s. Just to cover all the bases…looking for this:
  3. MyCrush

    Parting Out 1994 FZJ80. VA

    Did the VAF get spoken for? If not, I’m a player. Pls Advise.
  4. MyCrush

    105 Sector Shaft upgrade - Steering box rebuild

    Guys My ’94 DD has 320k on it, 250k of which I’ve put on myself. I don’t plan on going bigger than the 33’s I’ve been running for years. Is this upgrade considered a ‘prudent ‘ replacement due to the age/mileage factor of our rigs , or do most here runn way larger tires etc ? I do travel...
  5. MyCrush

    VA restoration/ rust repair shops?

    I’ve neglected some interesting skin cancer in my 94 for too long. Where can I go to remedy in VaBch area? Both rear sides below psngr door and inside rear arch are somewhat identical. Thx for any advice🎯
  6. MyCrush

    PAIR/reed Valve; delete or not to delete? This is what your looking’s as straightforward and painless as possible 🎯
  7. MyCrush

    EGR Temp Sensor Test Plug

    I’ve been super happy w/ my tester. May be about 500 miles since install and it’s doing its job perfectly. #welldone
  8. MyCrush

    EGR Temp Sensor Test Plug

    Thank you kind Sir.....I’ll be visiting your site directly 🎯
  9. MyCrush

    EGR Temp Sensor Test Plug

    This look super 🤔 I‘ve a 94 OBD1 throwing a 71code (EGR). Would this test connector neutralize my current CEL status to allow further testing? TIA
  10. MyCrush

    Brake pedal is harder than Chinese ‘rithmetic!

    I went this route and haven’t looked back....( no affiliation other than satisfied customer )
  11. MyCrush

    Shakey mirror fix with a bracket and bottom post fix

    *perk! Oh this looks good indeed. No difference to model year?
  12. MyCrush

    Builds Charlie Oats (Lexus lx470 Build) 👍👍
  13. MyCrush

    Fog Lights Article

    Is that a working link? I get nowhere with it.
  14. MyCrush

    Seatbelt won’t extend

  15. MyCrush

    80 series carpet available now. Matching mats available also

    Bump for Update🎯
  16. MyCrush

    Can anyone help Provide the Toyota part Number?

    Looks to be the hard line, to me anyway. If so > 8720860161 should be what your looking for. Just replaced it on my 94.
  17. MyCrush


    Done! Thank you Sir 👍
  18. MyCrush


    Phil Are these still available?
  19. MyCrush

    Repro Toyota sticker for FJ40 rear sill - Now bulk sales only

    I’m all in! x2 pls 👍
  20. MyCrush

    Idle trouble and loss of power 80s series

    I also have 94. 300k miles. If I’m not mistaken, our engine runs a 9:1 compression. w/ that as low as it is, there’s no more than a mental job as to how HiTest gas makes it run any better than 87. In my yrs of ownership, I personally never saw better ‘running’ or gas mileage. I still get...
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