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    200 Series Wheel on 100 Series front hub. V. ModificationThread?

    06 here with heritage wheels. I used the spidertrax 1.25 spacers front and rear. Been on over a year, no issues. Enjoy
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    Fluid Film Application Tips.

    I personally bought one of the FF guns but in the end wound up using cans with the spray wand extensions and that worked extremely well. I use a combo of FF and Surface Sheild. The straws and wand extensions, being such a small diameter fit into all of the areas of the frame and doors without...
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    For Sale Fs: land cruiser 2021 heritage ed silver

    Classic flipper. Let it rot. Buy it when he’s crypto bankrupt and the bank sells it cheap. These are the types that ruin the market for the enthusiasts.
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    Possible to put 2006 LX470 steering wheel on 2006 LC100?

    I purchased an eBay model for 200 bucks for a previous lc100. It does have fake wood. Compared to my 2006 lx, it had a wider grip and the feel is generally better. Four years later that wheel is still going strong. There were a few colors to choose from at that time. IMO its a cheap enough...
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    AHC stuck in low...emergency help

    There was just another thread on here that you can maybe follow to get the height up. It involved diagnosing the pump and running it in short bursts in one direction to lift the truck, then disconnecting. If the pump runs, or squeals, try following that thread. Are there any other indicators...
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    excessive clearance lifter bucket to cam = much Ticking Noise 2006

    Sorry, it’s because the quote feature on this site is absolutely the worst especially when using it from a phone. But five minutes, come on;) haha
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    LX 470 leather seat replacements

    For a first time diy with full steaming and learning as I went (there was nothing here at the time). It took me about twenty hours for the first two rows. That’s taking the seats into the basement and figuring it all out and moving slow. I did as well or better than any pro. What’s your time...
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    excessive clearance lifter bucket to cam = much Ticking Noise 2006

    Sorry I can not be of help as mine is a vvti engine. I also thought I heard new things but had been without the car for a month by then. I drive it very hard and no issues a year later.
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    Heritage edition wheels

    Some dealers are not requiring a vin now. It’s about 650 per wheel. I purchased mine directly from a heritage 200 series owner when new. So there are the bronze og, black with same design as above, and black that has had their color changed to bronze and those have been available since near...
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    Slight Whine

    As it’s new to you, grease the ujoints and driveshaft. There are fittings to make it easy and it’s a regular maintenance. After that, other diagnosis will be easier. These trucks also have some gear whine when freezing temps, until warm.-
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    Dealer botched cv install, now i need a new front diff. Questions.

    Reading into this late and glad there was some resolution. There are some readers misinformed about some things though. Remember that all work has a warranty and depending on location, that warranty may be longer or non existent. Whenever a failure occurs first figure out if you are within...
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    Diagnosing Violent-Jerking Steering Issue (VGRS)

    Makes more sense with the rack description, if it’s not correct. Hopefully he gets his other wheels on the eliminate that.
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    Diagnosing Violent-Jerking Steering Issue (VGRS)

    When I purchased heritage wheels that had some ridge grapplers on them, it did this. My plan of attack was to make sure all ahc levels were correct, alignment was correct, and pressures were correct. I had a little play in a wheel bearing, and my front diff bushing needed to be replaced...
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    RTH needed - seemingly air in AHC, car in Low, stuck in Patagonia

    So this indicates to me the pump ran in the direction to fill the tank, but not back out to fill the truck, exacerbated by doing the cycle twice in a row the tank is full and it’s now on low. As screeching can be indicated by air, that air means dry motor and or bearing death brought on by life...
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    Skids + Sliders + AHC Globes- Order of Operations

    Did this a few months ago. First installed globes. Then did the front dif bushings. Then I have the dissent skids and WK sliders and FR rack to install. Sending to powder coat next week hopefully. Can’t wait, I have a cool color scheme planned.
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    New to me 99 LX 470 driveshaft noise?

    While you may have just needed to have the surface rust on the brakes from sitting get worked off, I’ve had the heat shield rubbing issue before. For me it was the rear, and you could hear it specifically on turns. You can check this by driving slowly with the windows down around a 20 mile an...
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    2006 LC Shocks

    You may want to measure fender heights from the hub and compare to the stock settings. If it’s tipsy, the system might just not be balanced correctly, regardless of new fluid. I’ve done all of my AHC maintenance myself and the system is beautiful at 250k
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    rear axle seal

    Quick and easy check is the breather tube. Is it pinched, corroded, working 100%? If pressure builds due to heat, there must be breathing room for the fluid or it comes out the seals. A rusty or kinked breather can cause this in my personal experience. I’ve also seen threads addressing exactly...
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    Headlights - Bulb positioning/output direction

    Good advice above. Depending on year, the bulbs only fit in in one position. You can first make sure both element are facing the same direction, up or down. Next, is the height/level adjustment done either by a wheel or a screw. Generously lubricator the turning mech towards the bottom of the...
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    2002 LX470 pre-purchase - Deleted AHC for StrutMaster Suspension

    Hopefully it was not from soft front suspension diving during an evasive maneuver…. Does this truck with strut master components also contain upgraded front torsion bars? Inquiring minds will want to know:)
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