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    Where to find a new windshield for ‘97

    You should be able to check for and see signs of glue under the edges of the gasket on the body and glass edges on outside of vehicle.
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    With the shortage of fusible links...

    "I did not know you had access to the world non FL failed database, of course it could be a guess on your part?" "Perhaps the mechanic in me is just so OTT and I like to be able to help people...
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    Fender flares. . does anyone know where I could find these?

    Pacer Performance Flexy Flares...........Summit Racing shows them in stock.
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    Front Grinding with busted nuts?

    Nuts look like they have been loosened and tightened with a hammer and cold chisel. I believe this technique is more common than one would think.
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    Trail gear spindle nut damage heads up on 80

    I got the trail gear spindle nut kit a few months ago. It had the button head screws with it.
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    Fused Gears in Transmission

    I had a vibration at 60 mph that mimicked an out of balance tire. I removed the VC and it went away.
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    What did you get your 80 for Christmas?

    Solid pinion spacers for front and rear diff. Aussie locker for the rear.
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    2 Windshield Questions

    Look at BO3678 closely.
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    Neighbor selling 80

    "Not everyone here owns a shop in Dublin, Ga. and have unlimited amount of time to fix up there LCs... besides, Dublin is a shi* hole no offense. i grew up in Ga." You got issues boy. :flipoff2:
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    Wonder If removed ABS hurts the value of the FJZ80 Land Cruisers

    "Still, no one has an answer to a properly functioning ABS vs. properly functioning without ABS. Lots of "back in my day" spew, but that's not logic. Also don't understand the logic of people arguing safety measures are only for lawyers. They're actually for saving people's lives." Well...
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    FJ80 Front windshield glass replacement ?

    I replaced my front glass with OEM gasket and Fuyao glass. No problems so far. You could seal the glass at any time after installment with the only downside being that the sealing surfaces might get dirty and inhibit sealant from adhering to surface.
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    FJ80 Front windshield glass replacement ?

    Picture BO3678 in your attachment shows sealant applied to both glass and body sides.
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    Click but no start!

    I installed a Painless Performance Hot Shot kit in my 80 and have not had an issue with starting since then. I have added one to my pickup also. Painless Wiring - I actually used the 30201 kit with the bump switch
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    Egr questions

    "Amazing how many people on this forum do this for almost no performance gains. Mainly to run away from codes it seems." My reasons were neither of the above. Glad I did it.
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    A How To/ All you need to know about window channel/run replacement

    I used the Thailand made window rubber on my sons Honda civic. It is my opinion that the Thai runs are not the same quality rubber as the OEM runs. I had trouble getting the runs in and they split in a couple of spots during install. Ended up getting OEM for Honda and I will go OEM for the...
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    Australian door cards

    "What was the cost for the ABS door cards in US dollars" The ABS cards for the 80 are $400 AUD which my search says equals $304 USD and change.
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    Start-up Rattle Experiment

    I have a 94 1fzfe with the small denso filter that has a startup rattle after sitting overnight. I usually park level but I have recently begun to park it slightly nose up (2 to 5 degrees). Parked nose up I don't get the startup rattle. The rattle always bothered me but I had no idea how to...
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    If you're using a WIX oil filter read this

    ***** Top Tier BEST, Grade A+ = Excellent . Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) # CM-6731-FL820 . Ford Motorcraft # FL-820S . Ford Motorcraft # FL-500S . . **** Grade A- = Excellent . Wix # 51348 (Older Standard version) . Mopar # MO-409 So these oil filters will fit on a 1fzfe?
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    Alternative to OEM hand throttle ?

    Just a guess......does that cable have a locking feature? Don't know that a choke cable would.
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    Windshield Leak Repair - Atlanta Area

    I could have reused my old gasket but it had never been sealed. If the gasket has been installed correctly you might damage it in the removal. I guess it just depends on whether or not you damage it
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