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    new wheels for 85 FJ60

    Hey, Folks I've read through a bunch of threads on the subject. curious if anyone has run the Pro Comp Series 69 Vintage wheel in a 16 inch diameter with 265/75/16 tires I'm looking at the wheel with a 4 inch backspace guessing the 16 won't hit the tie rod ? TIA
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    Mini truck PS box ?

    Hey folks. I’m on the hunt for a mini truck PS box Heard that Kevos37 sells them ? Or anybody else have one they can sell? Thanks Jon
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    Wanted Boise

    That would be great man. Thank you.
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    Wanted Boise

    I’ve heard that the other half of the clamp is tacked to the smaller hoops.. hoping that I can get all four parts.. either way, I’ll take these.. can pay via PayPal..
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    Wanted Boise

    That’s great ! I need both sides of the clamp is this 4 pieces or just the two ?
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    Wanted Boise

    Hi folks , I need a set of clamps for my 77’ FJ40 roll bar.. anybody have a set ? Thanks !
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