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    What do you think this one owner 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser is worth?

    What the hell, I'll play. I think $12-$15k is in the ballpark; I paid more than that for my '70 2 years ago, it's pretty similar with less rust and no dented/replaced rear hatch. I'd be pissed if you couldn't get $12k for it now. Although that bezel re-orientation is gonna be costly. It is a...
  2. CBFJ

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    If you're looking for cool 40 swag, Etsy is full of it.
  3. CBFJ

    How much would you sell your truck for?

    I recently went to pick mine up from the mechanic, and he handed me a business card of a guy who said he'd pay me $1,500 over my asking price if I ever want to sell it. Gotta respect the approach!
  4. CBFJ

    Restoring Grandpa's 40 Series

    Very cool! well done on the vid, esp the audio. looking forward to more.
  5. CBFJ

    For Sale 1973 FJ40 - $10,500 / Bayfield, CO / all original. Rusty body but solid frame

    Hey Christian- looks like you couldn't bear to sell the mint one, eh? :) Another southwestern beauty! Where do you find these things?
  6. CBFJ

    Builds Salt wagon My first fj40 (build)

    BEAUTY! Great color, patina, stance...looking forward to more pics. Re: clear coat, I would steer clear of it because that will stop the patina process, and effectively end the story being written on the body! Unless saltwater is rusting it away, I'd follow wngrog's advice in his definitive...
  7. CBFJ

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    I drove mine around and took some pics. Loved every minute of it!
  8. CBFJ

    reccomended names for the ol girl...??

    I don’t think Bon Scott would appreciate that
  9. CBFJ

    SOLD 1975 FJ40 - 25k So. Ca

    Is that original headlight moss? That’s getting harder to find these days…
  10. CBFJ

    craigslist 1976 Land Cruiser fj40 - $15,000 (Montrose)

    ...aaaand, Ghandi. 2 days. Guess the mile of white tape didn't scare anyone away.
  11. CBFJ

    2014 head unit freezing

    It randomly freezes, or reboots entirely. This is apparently a fairly well-known issue so I assumed the good people at Mud would be onto it... threads like this talk more about it. I'd love to avoid paying a dealership to fix.
  12. CBFJ

    2014 head unit freezing

    Hi all, Just added a 2014 4Runner to the Toyota fleet, and I'm getting the freezing head unit. I searched here and nothing came up, so please point me to the appropriate thread. I just confirmed that the firmware is current on it. Thanks.
  13. CBFJ

    69 running rough; stalls at 20 mph?!

    SOLUTION: cracked float in the city racer carb, dumping fuel.
  14. CBFJ

    FJ40 Pics from "Back in the day" (70's, 80's)

    Christ that landing would destroy my back...
  15. CBFJ

    69 running rough; stalls at 20 mph?!

    Update: didn’t fix sh*t. Back to square one.
  16. CBFJ

    69 running rough; stalls at 20 mph?!

    good luck man! I'll probably be back next week with something new that I can't do :p
  17. CBFJ

    69 running rough; stalls at 20 mph?!

    Well that got er! Running like a top again. Thanks MUD- you led this horse to water and made me drink! Every day is a learning experience.
  18. CBFJ

    69 running rough; stalls at 20 mph?!

    I was going by their website- they call it the idle adjustment screw.
  19. CBFJ

    69 running rough; stalls at 20 mph?!

    Thanks for the video @Green Bean - I tightened her incrementally all the way and that didn't help. On the City Racer it's the gold out of focus one in the middle of the photo. Still very rough starting. Sounds like next step is chase vacuum leak?
  20. CBFJ

    69 running rough; stalls at 20 mph?!

    Choke actually kills it- Hammering the gas pedal keeps her running
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