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  1. jrfj40

    IH8MUD Jerseys

    PM sent
  2. jrfj40

    East Bay to Chico round trip 1/18-1/20

    Making a trip from the east bay to Chico and back. 1/18-1/20 Not looking to haul a ton but if it will fit in the bed of my truck I'm sure it could be done.
  3. jrfj40

    Should I stay or shoud I go?

    Thanks to all for the kick in the backside. I knew all along I was likely keeping it, now to actually do something. Time to do just that!
  4. jrfj40

    Should I stay or shoud I go?

    Concord/Pittsburg area
  5. jrfj40

    Should I stay or shoud I go?

    8 yrs ago I bought my "dream" vehicle a Smurf blue 72 FJ40. "mostly" stock. less the Holley carb (hacked fuel-lines), Suzuki jump seat and aftermarket wheels. One trip out and fan disintegrated. (replaced fan,radiator hoses and water pump) seems to have a vacuum leak (I think,not very...
  6. jrfj40

    Gun Racks?

    Get the "Dashman" dash box. Mark Vickers is his name I believe
  7. jrfj40

    Presta vs schrader valves

    Mr, Toad-- Thanks for the help. Yes I am using CO2. And I do not air out and refill normally. Hope that is my fix looks like i'll try that first.
  8. jrfj40

    Presta vs schrader valves

    So i'm debating switching to schrader valves. My presta valves always seem to lose pressure and have been coming dis assembled as of late when I do add air to them. Any thoughts. By the way no hardcore riding just some rec. trail and hill climbing.
  9. jrfj40

    IH8MUD racing

    Are we any closer on these?
  10. jrfj40

    IH8MUD racing

    I'm in once you get a long sleeve version. something i could where while MTB'ing or driving to an event.
  11. jrfj40

    Opinions on a 72'

    Seems high priced. just saying.
  12. jrfj40

    Wanted fj40 project in placerville/foothills/sac. area

    I have a72 fj40 that might fi the bill. body good. mostly stock less new cooling system, holly carb,samurai back seat. and after market wheels. I just don't have the time to put into it. it's non op right now mostly cuz of carb. I can get you some pics in the near furure.
  13. jrfj40

    Concrete Sealer?

    I used a product called "Gem Seal" and added some "Shark Grit" to it to make sure that when it got wet I did not end up on my backside. I was recommeded to me by 3 out of the 4 contractors that bid my concrete work.
  14. jrfj40

    After tax day give away - landcruiser bag

    That rock's I'm in
  15. jrfj40

    need canvas grommets---an offer you can't refuse

    You have PM.
  16. jrfj40

    WTB: Tent Trailer under 2K

    Just like the title says. I need to find a Tent trailer for under 2K It's not for me but my cousin and his sons. I knew I should have kept mine last summer. I'm hoping to find one in decent shape in the SF bay area. I've tried Craigslist and mostly junk. any body wanna make a Mudder a deal...
  17. jrfj40

    Seats Installed

    NIce not to have the problems with the seat hieght due to tank. Is the tool box under drivers seat functional still?
  18. jrfj40

    Conferr FJ40 front storage box

    :popcorn: Keeping an I on this one. I think it's fair price. Are you anywhere near Frisco TX?
  19. jrfj40

    New Metal Tech Tube Bumper

    Nice lines! My wife is just glad you don't have one for the 40 yet. I'm on a spending hold right now.
  20. jrfj40

    $my seat mount debacle$

    I'd be in. my 72 with internal tank (ps) and toolbox (ds). is in need of some buckets.
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