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  1. ridgerunner

    good place for an alignment in Greensboro?

    Thanks, speedrye! Much appreciated- will give them a try.
  2. ridgerunner

    good place for an alignment in Greensboro?

    Greetings Cackalackians, Anyone in Greensboro able to point me to a good place to get an alignment for a mini truck? Past experiences says not all shops are the same (including one that wanted an extra $40 because my OME torsion bars were a "five inch lift kit" :rolleyes: ) Thanks, Brian
  3. ridgerunner

    Rear Landcruiser axle under a Toyota Sunrader

    I'm confused- what is it that you're trying to get from replacing the current axle with the 80 series axle, width? The FF axle you have now is plenty strong for a 8", you just need to run LC FF hubs on it to convert to the regular Toyota six lug pattern. You will have to also convert the drum...
  4. ridgerunner

    What's the deal with Trail Gear?

    I thought the deal with TG was that they had ripped off some of Marlin's designs and patents (such as the six shooter knuckles?). etc....
  5. ridgerunner

    Look to get my first truck

    My first couple trucks were FJ55s and I daily drove FJ55s for almost 10 years. Amazing vehicles. They can make you car-poor though, and if you spend the $$$ to make them more driveable, well... Driving the mini is easier and cheaper. Currently have a 94 truck. Paid $3K for a truck with 212K...
  6. ridgerunner

    3 / 4 link suspention

    Add in a cross member/bumper and hang the shackles off the back of it. Should give you enough length to move the shackle mount 6" back for 63" springs. Cheaper than links and custom springs.
  7. ridgerunner

    Antartic Tacoma

    There are some Fords at the South Pole, but they have all arrived in the back of C130s. AFAIK, Toyotas are the only tired vehicles to traverse Antarctica. There have been Rovers, Jeeps and Fords, but they don't get that far from their stations.... The United States Antarctic Program doesn't...
  8. ridgerunner

    Hi-pinion front 3rd member locker choices?

    I can't say for the mini, but I ran both a no-slip and an aussie in a heavy 55. The aussie even though it looked identical to the no slip acted more refined...for a lunch box locker. Their customer service was outstanding as well with Aussie. I run my hilux across the country and cover much...
  9. ridgerunner

    oil covered clutch... lookin for quick fix!!!

    While it's bound to make a mess, I know people who have had some luck getting clutches to stick using Coca Cola, periodically pouring some right on the clutch. Not sure how you would get it in there though.
  10. ridgerunner

    Builds The Volvo C304 restoration.

    I almost bought a C303 back in 2004... then my contact passed on. They're amazing trucks and incredibly capable. Have fun! (I still want one, with a Sugga parked next to it.)
  11. ridgerunner

    97 tacoma rear springs

    I did a zuk mod on my 94, which certainly helps with loads, especially when fully loaded and bombing around backroads. It's a ghetto mod, but it works great and it was less than $80. And it rides better. The other thing to do would be to get some other Taco springs and mix and match to help...
  12. ridgerunner

    Torsion bar lift for 2 wheel drive?

    Try some 2wd ball joint spacers: Toyota 2WD/4WD IFS Front Ball Joint Spacers for Pickup, 4Runner and T100
  13. ridgerunner

    Duramax FZJ80....The project begins

    Or a Patrol H260 rear axle. It's a 10.25," 37 spline, 1.51" FF rear axle from the GU. ARB makes a locker for it. (A 14 bolt will be cheaper though.) Don't forget he newer LC pinion is much stronger and some are 32 splines. Cool build- good luck!
  14. ridgerunner

    Movin' east- truck considerations?

    Yeesh. Not encouraging. :frown: One thing I love about my truck is that the underside is NOT covered in grease/oil. And that there's not much rust. Petroleum products are the devil. Is this a year round issue? Is it just winter road salt? At best, the truck might be used for weekend trips but...
  15. ridgerunner

    60 to Pick-up...maybe

    I'm a Cruiserhead that up/down graded to a 94 pickup with a 22re, standard cab. While I miss my Cruisers and the capacity (room, weight, 4wd traction, general-tank-do-anything-any-time feeling), I appreciate the pickup's inexpensive parts, reliability, and size. For me, a Cruiser describes...
  16. ridgerunner

    Movin' east- truck considerations?

    This is perhaps a strange question, but next month I'm headed out to Vermont for school for a couple years. Being a fairly low rust truck, are there any rust issues I should be aware of moving from Wyoming out east? The tailgate has a bit of rust, but otherwise I'm kinda paranoid about driving...
  17. ridgerunner

    Bear Wallow fire..

    Was there much work around Tal-wi-wi? Our first night after arriving we stayed at Luna Lake. The second night worked a 23 hour shift outside of Alpine doing some burn outs, then we got moved with ICP to Springerville. After a few nights there we got bumped back to Luna (which we were told was...
  18. ridgerunner

    Bear Wallow fire..

    No, you rightlane? We're just a regular ol' Forest Service type 2 crew ragtagged together out of sawyers and engine crew members, but a lot of our members are former Wyoming Hotshots. We were working alongside Shasta Lake and Salmon River, along with a contractor called Firestorm. I really...
  19. ridgerunner

    Bear Wallow fire..

    Got in last night from 12 days on the Wallow fire. Spent the first couple of days doing structure protection around some the Alpine "subdivisions" thinning out and back burning. A lot of work in vain on a long shift. Moved from there to the north east side working in branch one thinning and...
  20. ridgerunner

    Suspension Woes. Thoughts on these Spring Perches

    IIRC, a Canadian Cruiser shop was doing this kind of work to lower the spring to give it some lift, which usually included a longer shackle. (Not to say that the shop did the work, but that it has been done in the past.)
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