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    alright you shop building designing psychos

    My shop consists of a couple of pieces of plywood under a shadetree with my landcruiser pulled under it and a hydraulic jack to lift it up. Lets see if anyone can top that. Oh yeah, and lets not forget the concrete blocks as jack stands.
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    Free Free Free Free....

    Thanks alot: I just read 24 posts on the opinions, pro and con, of a dead, at least he looks dead, feline prooving once again we can't resist the giveaways, knowing all the while nothing is free.
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    Pics of new softtop from Pakistan

    It looks like something the wife and kids could make outback in the barn.
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    Pics of new softtop from Pakistan

    How much?
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    can i get some opinions on this 40

    Drives it to work 3das. a week? How far is work? Not a daily driver but a 3 day a week driver??? What is highest bid turned down? e-mail him and ask what reserve is? If it is as advertised $4,500 would seem to be a good deal for buyer. You should see what I'm considering paying $1000 for. '69...
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    "1969" cruiser

    TJDIV:) Now that is a good idea! One I hadn't thought of, but will use. Everything about this keeps getting better and better. I 've got just the con artist in mind. Thanks KyH
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    "1969" cruiser

    Jake, Good another optimistic story. I will have to have plenty of help and advise from this forum since I thought I had the only cruiser in the county. I've seen one in Bowling Green but, haven't talked to him yet. The nearest landcruiser club that I know of is in Nashville Tn." Southeastern...
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    What oil to use? '78 Bj40

    Anyone ever use Lucas oil treatment? At work we had a grader putting 480 parts per million of metal in the final drives every oil change switched to Lucas oil additive dropped it to 75 parrts per million. We use it in all of our equiptment, seems to be a really great product. We use it in our...
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    "1969" cruiser

    I think I'll go ahead and purchase the said vehicle, there seems to be more positive feedback than negative. Will most of the drive line, front and back, fit on my '65 by just bolting up? I'll keep ya all advised of how it turns out. Thanks for the optimistic views. KyH
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    "1969" cruiser

    I think I will offer him the $500 and see what happens. If he says no then I'll have to jack it up and have a "look see" underneath the vehicle and try turning a few shafts and gears to see just what is locked up and what isn't. Thanks for the input it will help in making my decision. KyH
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    "1969" cruiser

    I have a '65fj40 with a chevyv8 auto trans. While cruising the backroads today I saw a fj40 sitting behind a house. I turned around for a closer look, and it is a 1969 fj40, weeds growin all around it that the bushhog missed. I knocked on the door of the closest house and found the owner. He...
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