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  1. TexasAgFJ60

    Glove Box Mods-12VDC & USB

    Hi group! Has anyone thought about installing the 12vdc and USB outlet in the GX460 like what is in the 4Runner? I've got a 2012 4R Trail that has it and the 2014 GX has what looks like placeholders
  2. TexasAgFJ60

    Budbuilt 460 skids with useable oil filter access panel

    I have a 2012 4R Trail with full Buds skids, i called the other day and was told all I could transfer over to a 2014 GX460 was the mid and diff cover. I was hoping they both had KDSS so would be even swap minus the front piece
  3. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 2013 LC200 $69k

    very nice!
  4. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 1984 FJ60-Edmond, OK

  5. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 1984 FJ60-Edmond, OK

    A/C blows cold air!
  6. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 1984 FJ60-Edmond, OK

    Forgot to mention I have a bumper kit from Fourrunner that I have yet to install. It goes with it.
  7. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 1984 FJ60-Edmond, OK

    Ok here ya go! Forgot to mention have probably 6 or so spare Fleetguard oil filters and an air filter
  8. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 1984 FJ60-Edmond, OK

    Whoops. Sorry for the work pic getting in there! No generator in the sale!
  9. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 1984 FJ60-Edmond, OK

    Pics of inside
  10. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 1984 FJ60-Edmond, OK

    225k miles. Will try to post some interior pics
  11. TexasAgFJ60

    For Sale 1984 FJ60-Edmond, OK

    Up for sale is a 1984 FJ60 Toyota Landcruiser. Color is Copper (Brown) 4.2L Inline 6 Cylinder with H41 4 Speed Manual transmission ARB/Old Man EMU suspension lift 33”x12.5r15 BF Goodrich All Terrain Roof Rack HD Air Cleaner (snorkel ready!) ARB Air Lockers in Front & Rear Axles 3.73...
  12. TexasAgFJ60

    84 FJ60 Resto,

    so what transfer case are you going to use with this combo? Do you have to use all new gauges or can you make the ones in the 60 work? Do you have to tune the ECM or are you running the standard cal for the LS400? So many questions!!:popcorn:
  13. TexasAgFJ60

    Mirrors on a 60

    I put the OEM Aussie on mine and they are good but I think the mirror is a little distorted, images seem further than they appear!
  14. TexasAgFJ60

    84 FJ60 Resto,

    Can I just say how awesome it is that you are putting a TOYOTA V-8 in this already bad a$$ cruiser! Kudos my friend, kudos!
  15. TexasAgFJ60

    big oil leak when warm.

    I first thougt mine was the rear main seal. I put some dye in the oil and it was the oil pan gasket. Put a new one on and now I think it is more a bad oil pan than the gasket.
  16. TexasAgFJ60

    Inti Roof Rack available for Serie 60 / 62

    Sorry, means I wanna watch how this goes. I wish I had that kinda dough for a rack. I read a lot of good things about what you did for the 80 series crowd. Top marks for a great rack!
  17. TexasAgFJ60

    Inti Roof Rack available for Serie 60 / 62

  18. TexasAgFJ60

    should get radiator from RadiatorBarn or Cool Cruisers?

    I bought one from Radiator Barn for my J**P and great service and shipped quickly. Plus would be a lifetime warranty to boot!
  19. TexasAgFJ60

    Alternator altering

    I've got a mean green in the stock replacement and then n GM 1 wire were the smog pump used to be! Dual alternators for both batteries.
  20. TexasAgFJ60

    ROTM- klinetime574

    WHOOP! Class of '96
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