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    Need fuel cans? Water cans?

    For those of us in the USA.... I could send these to Reno, NV.... where can I buy either the Scepter tan fuel jugs (2 of them) or something similar? I have a 4x4 Labs rear bumper on my '97 LX450 setup for 1 spare tire and the 2 cans on the other side. DS Tactical says Canada address only for...
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    Best 40th ed replacement leather that matches oem color

    I have other priorities to deal with on my new LX450 purchase.... but these options look good!
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    Coastal Offroad Front Bumper Build

    How many hours do you feel this takes to weld/grind before you paint/coat it? I'm looking at front bumpers also for my LX450
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    SOLD SoCal: 4x4Labs 80 series rear base bumper (Trade, Purchase, Will pay to ship)

    I'm in SF Bay Area and looking for a 4x4Labs rear bumper to buy outright.... I will be in LA Culver City (SoCal) the weekend of Jan 16th and could pick up from there as well.
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    Events/Trails DIY Turbo V1.0, Boosted 80 = Happiness

    I'll try to find other pics on my work computer today. The intercooler pipes were run thru the front radiator support. Here is the cast manifold I ran:
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    Events/Trails DIY Turbo V1.0, Boosted 80 = Happiness

    I had a GT35R running a Turbonetics cast log manifold on my LX450 with eBay FMIC, stock inj/MAF/Tuning and with 6psi it ripped. No issues in over 10K miles before I sold it. Did 135mph in it one night on 33's. 13mpg avg..... not so good...
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    upgraded tire size with stock 4Runner gears for towing

    I'll look into those 265/70/16s! Thanks for the tip. Lost on eBay TRD supercharger..... time to finally put this T04 small frame turbo charger to use. Once suspension/lift is done I'll look into a turbo setup. Either homebuilt rear mount setup or underhood style.
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    upgraded tire size with stock 4Runner gears for towing

    I only tow at sea level..... but ski up there in the mountains with the eagles :grinpimp: Hope to tow with it next week. high bidder on a TRD supercharger on eBay right now! we'll see
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    upgraded tire size with stock 4Runner gears for towing

    I just bought a '99 4Runner Limited V6/auto non ELocker with 100K miles and it could use a set of tires in the next 5-10K and if that happens it'll get a lift. I just replaced the timing belt/water pump/belts/fluids/coolant/plugs to give it a nice fresh start. Current tire size is 265/70/16...
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    Builds LS2 L76 V8 and 6L80E Swap in 1997 40th FJ80

    one word! Awesome. Please report back with fuel economy and power impressions? I had a GT35R turbocharged setup on my last Cruiser and it had good power especially at altitude. Probably only made about 350hp though as it was running about 8psi on factory tune/inj/fuel pump/91 octane. It...
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    For Sale 1994 FJZ80 Bay area CA Lockers Rubicon? Expedition?

    great project truck with all the good stuff there..... somebody got a fun rig!
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    For Sale FZJ80 gray stock front bumper $50

    thx for all the interest. SOLD
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    Duramax FZJ80....The project begins

    two thumbs up! Liking this conversion!:grinpimp:
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    For Sale FZJ80 gray stock front bumper $50

    a few more pics. PLEASE email me. I'm rarely on here: Thx!
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    For Sale FZJ80 gray stock front bumper $50

    I would rather someone on here have it than throw it away. goes in trash end of month. $50 plus shipping
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    For Sale FJ Cruiser spare tire cover $50

    flakey eBay bidders... still available. $40 plus shipping
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    And so it begins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice results for pretty much stock. I hope you resolve the front driveshaft issues. With a slightly larger cam ('02-04 Z06), ported stock TB, and retune you would pick up an easy 20 rwhp+. It would also keep the power down low; however allow you to continue making power to about 6500rpm...
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    Builds Another Texas LS1 Swap

    let us know what kind of fuel economy it gets! Great engine conversion! :D
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    Builds V8 Swap Project Begins! Again with LS2

    awesome swap! Would the factory exhaust manifolds have worked or the center outlet C6 Corvette ones? You can also put the manifolds on opposite sides and have them flipped facing forward to think about other exhaust options. And mix/match manifolds from any LS style engine. Curious...
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    For Sale FJ Cruiser spare tire cover $50

    auction ends today
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