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  1. LA Z

    Source for Door Pinch Weld Trim ?

    This looks pretty close at McMaster-Carr
  2. LA Z

    Best diesel swaps for 80 series?

    I did go with the radiator that's in there because it fits perfectly behind the large intercooler. Also my radiator is berried behind a few things like intercooler, transmission cooler, engine oil cooler, power steering cooler and the Ac condenser. I figured I should give the engine the best...
  3. LA Z

    Best diesel swaps for 80 series?

    The om617 is a really good engine, but not for a 60 or an 80 LC. I do have a 40 series with an OM617 engine and an H55 in it and it's pretty nice to drive. Not going to win any races with it, but it will get to where I need to go.
  4. LA Z

    Best diesel swaps for 80 series?

    You should look into OM606 a bit deeper before you rule it out as a viable candidate. With an upgraded injector pump ( 7.5mm ) and a larger turbo it can produce close to 500hp and more than enough torque to move the 80s LC and still get way better gas mileage than any gas engine. Just my $.02
  5. LA Z

    Clean AC evaporator coil (externally).

    Not sure if this will help, but here is what's in it. I think I bought it at Grainger.
  6. LA Z

    Clean AC evaporator coil (externally).

    This is what I've used on mine. It worked pretty well getting rid of the dirt in the condenser and evaporator.
  7. LA Z

    FJ62 Power Window question

    The The problem is more than likely in your Power Window Relay ( small green box in drivers door ). See red square in wiring diagram. There are two small relays in there that need to be changed.
  8. LA Z

    Axle bolts sheared off? Why?

    You'll be perfectly fine driving it to the shop. Guys brake these on the trails and drive home with front wheel drive only in 4 wheel Hi. One of the big advantage of having an FF rear axle. The axle only drives the wheels, does not carry any weight in the FF.
  9. LA Z

    Axle bolts sheared off? Why?

    Here are some pictures of the axles next to each other. Both are from a 60s FF axle. ( OEM ) Right one ( short spline ) no locker Left one ( long spline ) cable locker
  10. LA Z

    Windshield Washer Pump Not getting Electricity on a '88 FJ62

    This should help. See pump and switch in red squares, no relay in the washer circuit. Blue-White wire is ground trough the washer switch and the Blue wire is positive from wiper fuse.
  11. LA Z

    Custom gauges/display for Fj62

    Thank you, let me know if you have any questions about the display. Good catch on the paddles. They are for my transmission.
  12. LA Z

    Custom gauges/display for Fj62

    Yes, I‘ve been working with a couple of members on their needs for the displays. ( different sensors and things to display ) The one in my 62 is in working order.
  13. LA Z

    Anyone with aluminium toolboxes under the camper/truck bed?

    I'd go with 6061 T5 or T6 aluminum ( aluminium on the other side of the pond ), good weldability and medium to high strength, depending on heat treatment. On the thickness, if you could bend a couple of ribs into the long flat sides 2mm should be ok, if no ribs then go with 3mm.
  14. LA Z

    3B Crank Journals Turned Blue?

    The discoloration is caused by case hardening of the journal, witch is part of the manufacturing process. See video below.
  15. LA Z

    Switch wiring diagram

    I'd say that the White / Black ground, Red / Green 12v, the other Red / ( can't see the color ) is back light for the switch ? and the two light green is the antenna motor. You should be able to test this with a test light or a DVM.
  16. LA Z

    No power/crank after shorting the starter

    These are the three wires that should have the links. You should have a fuse on each of them. ( 3 separate fuses )
  17. LA Z

    No power/crank after shorting the starter

    I'd start by reattaching the loose ground terminal to the engine block, and cleaning the battery terminals and the battery posts. Take the wire out of the positive battery terminal and clean that as well, as for your fuisble links (according to your firs picture ) looks like they're just got...
  18. LA Z

    A Pillar mount gauges RHD

    This is what I’ve done. It can display pretty much anything you want. I got the EGT and some other sensors hooked up to it. ( this is just a picture of it being bench tested )
  19. LA Z

    3FE alternator belt tension link

    Hay Marc, Hopefully this will help you. It's about 130mm long ( 5" 1/8 ) x M8
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